Things to do on your birthday

Ever since my childhood my favourite day of the year has always been my birthday. As I used to tell my mom that not only Eid comes twice a year it is also for all. My birthday comes only once a year and is exclusively my day hence all the more reasons to be hyper-excited and over the moon. I also used to get myself a birthday card. By the way, Ammi had always been more excited for mine than me.

This year I will be celebrating mine in Pakistan with my mother after almost three years of staying away. Can you sense my excitement already?

Here is a list of things I intend to do on my birthday. Wish me luck and birthday please 😀

1.Get myself a birthday gift

Yes, this year I am gifting myself an attire I have been thinking of having for the past many months. What better time to gift it to myself other than my own birthday? It is a dhoti called Eve and kurta called Jaan from YBQ Design Studios. How poetic could it get!

Hoping to receive my order by the time I reach home from work today 😀

2. Wake up early in the morning and not miss a minute

I am an early bird in general. I love waking up early in the morning and making the most of the day. On my birthday I will make a point to be up even earlier and avail the whole day.


Although my mornings do not even remotely look like this but wishful thinking doesn’t cost a dime.

3. Eat madly all day long

It’s been quite some time that I have changed my lifestyle. A foodie who practically lived on all the junk food and sweets in the world has now crumbled to salads and lean proteins. My comfort food, however, is still the good old pizza and spaghetti in a creamy sauce with steaming meatballs. Hence on birthday we will be all spaghetti, pizza and molten lava cakes. The plan till now is Cafe jade. Let me think of more possibilities though.

Cafe Jade.jpg

Isn’t this spaghetti at Cafe Jade(Lahore) absolutely gorgeous?

3. Let everyone around me know it is my birthday

Yes, as kiddish as it may sound I love letting people know that it’s my birthday. Those linked to me via social media know it already but for the ones who don’t I love dropping hints that it is my day. Come and wish me guys 😀


4. Take an early day off

Well this is a secret that has to remain among us only. As much as I love my workplace and the work I do I intend to sneak out for the first time as an early bird. It is my birthday after all.


5. Write myself a birthday note

Since words are all I have I love writing birthday notes for my loved ones. Since I am my own favourite why skip a beat? I would love to write myself one and probably share it with you too 🙂

Birthday For Best Friend Girl birthday wishes for friend female

Disclaimer: This is not my note. I might write something even more flattering.

6. Get a pedicure

Who doesn’t love a good pedicure? It’s my day and I deserve it.


Just to make a point clear that all our life we spend our time and energy pleasing others. Your birthday is that day of the year which is all yours. Make yourself feel special and do not bank on others expecting attention. If you don’t love yourself no one else will.

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