Our desi girls slaying at Cannes 2018…

The subcontinent has always dazzled the entire world with its beauty. The prestigious Cannes Film Festival could also not remain unaffected. From Deepika to Sonam Kapoor, from Kangana Ranaut to the queen Aishwarya Rai and last but not the least our very own MAHIRA KHAN, this Cannes Festival has it all. The only downside is us not being able to focus on anything else and simply being smitten. Our newsfeed and timeline is blessed and here we are to bless yours.

Starting with Deepika Padukone…


And while we are still at it, Kangana Ranaut comes to turn the heat up with her fire.




Not to forget the newly wed Sonam Kapoor representing Loreal and blessing us… Can someone spot her beautiful Mehndi please?


And here comes the queen of our hearts and Cannes, our girl crush since forever Aishwarya Rai Bachan. Like fine wine she is getting hotter every single day. Looking at her pictures, we can not breathe anymore. Can you?



Fasten your seat belts now. Mahira Khan comes with her glamorous debut at Cannes 2018. She has managed to win our hearts once again by sporting majorly Pakistani designers. So not just Mahira, our designers like Elan, Menahel and Maheen also made it to Cannes this year. She has kept her original style intact and did not get carried away with the vibe of Cannes. We can not have enough of Mahira Khan and the freshness she brought to this event. Girl, we love you to bits and pieces.

images (7)1794700803..jpg



images (1)576634836..jpg

images (5)293759312..jpg

Can we blame Sonam Kapoor for falling in love with Mahira Khan today? Hell no! This picture is absolute and pure love.

images (4)356606741..jpg

They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It is going to be a beautiful joyous day for sure. Enjoy your beautiful day and keep watching this space for more beautiful looks from Cannes. Hope to see you around 🙂





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