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sennheiser ces 2018

Sennheiser Introduce Exciting New Headphones At CES 2018

Sennheiser have introduced an exciting prototype of a 3D Soundbar at CES 2018. This 3D Soundbar is a new development in their Ambeo 3D program and allows users to experience Ambeo at home. At CES, Sennheiser will also be showing off their closed-back HD 820 headphones and their range of wireless headphones, including the new CX 6.00BT.

The Ambeo Smart Headset is a compact device specially designed for immersive 3D audio recording. Consumers are able to use this to capture and then listen to binaural audio recordings using the smartphones or other devices.

sennheiser ces 2018

Sennheiser are also going to offer a chance to experience a prototype of a new product that will ultimately put the Ambeo experience into homes. The Ambeo 3D Soundbar is designed to create immersive sound that is true to life and requires no other components like subwoofers to operate.

Also at CES 2018, Sennheiser plan to introduce their HD 820 closed-back dynamic stereo headphones. These are crafted with a unique glass transducer cover which is intended to minimise resonances while still delivering exceptional sound that is realistic and transparent. These are different from the usual open-back audiophile headphones as they can still insulate from external noise without an open-backed design.

sennheiser ces 2018

Finally, the CX 6.00BT are a new in-ear wireless model of headphones designed for enjoying exceptional sound while on the move. The ear-canal buds are connected by a cable which sits around the neck and the sturdy, compact design offers a comfortable fit and clear sound quality. The CX 6.00BT also has advanced wireless technology and enhanced bass response and includes Bluetooth 4.2. The featured support for apt-X Low Latency is something that may appeal to gamers or those who wear their headphones while viewing videos as this keeps the sound and visuals in sync.

sennheiser ces 2018

Pete Ogley, Chief Operating Officer at the Consumer Electronics Division of Sennheiser says, “There is nowhere better to demonstrate our commitment to shaping the future of audio than at CES, where so many technologies and innovations are first introduced to the world. From exciting developments in our AMBEO 3D audio program to a game changer in audiophile listening and our latest wireless headphones, CES is the perfect place for us to share our vision.”

To read more about these new products, you can visit the Sennheiser website.

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