Zinsoko Z-H01 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – best value for money!

Whether you are a commuter or work in a busy office, sometimes you just need the peace of mind. You might be somebody who travels a lot. For all of us who need to fight noise, there is the magic of noise-cancelling headphones. They come in two flavours, active and passive. Passive ones merely shield your ears from external noise by providing plenty of cushioning. Active headphones use active technology to listen to noise around you and then produce a sound that is actually the opposite of the same signal to cancel it out. All awesome sciency wiency stuff! Quite a few options exist and they’re often around £200. Zinsoko provides you with a very good alternative for only £70. Their Z-H01 ANC Headphones offer wireless capabilities as well as feature a built-in battery.

Zinsoko Z-H01 Wireless ANC Headphones – Features

  • Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Wireless Bluetooth Audio, with Audio Cable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stereo HiFi Bass – Quality sound
  • Foldable for travel, includes hard shell travel case
  • Built-in rechargeable (320mAh) battery, giving you around 8 hours of active noise cancelling, 80 hours of talk time and 240 days of standby.
  • Voice prompts tell you the device status, such as”Power on”, “Pairing”, Connected”, “Disconnected”, or “Power off”.

In the box

  • Zinsoko Z-H01 Headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable (1.2m)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Airplane adapter
  • User Manual

Comfort and fit

The headphones are foldable and solid, with lots of cushioning around. While they are not the lightest headphones you’ll put around your ears, they are not overly heavy either. This makes them quite good to have on during your working day.

Ease of use

The headphones come fully loaded with buttons, which make the device pretty easy to use. Almost every function has a button, an LED or a voice prompt. This means you are pretty much good to go as soon as the device comes out of its box.

If you are using the 3.5mm cable, all you need to do is to enable or disable ANC as needed.

If on Bluetooth, turn these on, pair, and off you go.

Active Noise Cancelling

I have to say, I was very impressed by the noise cancelling abilities of these headphones. The cushioning gives you plenty of noise isolation anyway. However, flick the switch and you notice an immediate difference. All the main noise sources drown out to a gentle hiss. Turn on some music and you hardly notice any noises around you.

For the price you pay, this makes these headphones quite attractive.

So whether you are on a plane or a train, I would highly recommend these!

Sound Quality

While the noise cancelling is top notch, if you had to pick a slight niggle with these headphones, it is the sound quality. Noise cancelling tends to highlight the details in your music, and while these are pretty good, they lack that certain warmth you get from more expensive headphones. Of course, while you may want to nit and pick, it is once again worth mentioning that these headphones cost one-third of the competing offers, making these highly attractive.

More information

More information on these as well as a source to buy them can be found via Amazon. They retail for only £69.99.


These headphones are my constant desk buddy at work. The sound could be better, but the overall picture is pretty awesome!


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