QacQoc GN30H USB C Hub – One hub to rule them all!

USB C is taking its sweet time to get adopted. Laptop manufacturers are looking to get rid of all ports in favour of USB C. However, not many USB C compatible devices exist on the market. I am yet to see a reasonably priced USB C stick, a monitor with a USB C port or a keyboard or mouse with it. The only devices that feature these ports are other portables, and they can’t do everything you need. This is why USB C HUBs are the must-have gadget now. Whether you have a Macbook or one of the flagship Androids, one of these will allow you to use your laptop/tablet for so much more. QacQoc, a company with an interesting name for us westerners, have one such hub for us to try.

QacQoc GN30H – Features

  • Featuring a pass-through USB C power delivery, it can charge a MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel and other USB-C devices. It can intelligently detect between 14.5V and 20V. It can also charge and transfer data simultaneously.
  • One hub to rule them all:
    • 3x USB 3.0 ports
    • HDMI port
    • Ethernet port
    • SD Card slot
    • MicroSD Card Slot
    • USB-C for charging
  • HDMI offers 4K support
  • Heat radiation has been greatly improved.
  • Great line-tailed USB plug means the connection is more stable.

Look and feel


In some ways, this looks like any other USB-C hub. A bunch of ports all around and wire with a USB-C plug at the end.

However, what makes this better than any other hub I have tried is the fact that it is really thin. So thin that I actually now slide it into the laptop sleeve I carry my MacBook in. Makes it super easy and super portable. Also means I don’t need to worry about carrying a hub with me, as it is always with me now.

Overall, you have an HDMI and 3 USB ports on one end, the SD Card ports on the other. Extreme ends feature the Ethernet port with USB-C, and the opposite end gives you the USB-C cable.

Performance and ease of use

This device is plug and play and is as simple as it gets. Simply plug your device into the port you want, plug this into your laptop, and off you go.

Charging works perfectly well, as do all the ports.

More information

More information on this can be found on the QacQoc website.

It retails for around £66.99 and can be bought from the likes of Amazon.

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