Four Apps to Make You A Better Reader

Let’s be honest: You promise every day that we will read before bedtime and before you know it, it is 1 am, you have spent way too much time on Twitter and your brain can’t shut down. The next day you feel like you have not gotten a goodnight’s sleep. Sound familiar? So, here are 4 apps that can help you maximize on your reading time and help you achieve your reading goals.

FB Reader

Cost: Free (pay to upgrade to Premium)

FB Reader is the perfect app for downloading to your phone and reading on the go. Here’s why it’s better than it’s counterpart Moon+ Reader: It is user friendly and available for both Android and iOS unlike the Moon+ which is only available on Android. FB Reader also has a better page layout than Moon+ making for an overall quality reading experience. FB Reader has customisable settings from font size, margins, color, day and night mode and sharing to Twitter as well. It also has access to large network libraries where you can download ebooks for free or for a fee. It can also read a large variety of ebook formats from mobi, epub to plain text, fb2 and many others. So if you are someone who likes to use their phone before bed, open up your FB Reader, switch to night mode, lower the brightness and catch some words before you catch some Zs.


Cost: Free (in-app purchases come at a cost)

The Kindle app is a boon for the avid and beginner readers. Not only does it give you access to Amazon’s collection of ebooks, you don’t need a Kindle to have the app. It has access to libraries for borrowing ebooks and a selection of free ebooks as well. It has the amazing option of going from reading to listening so you can have both modes on long commutes or just put it on when cleaning or washing dishes. There is no better way to sneak in more reading than making it a part of your routine.


Cost: Free (in-app purchases come at a cost)

An app dedicated entirely to audiobooks, Audible has an amazing collection (over 180,000 books for purchase) for those who prefer sexy actors read the books they have written. Track your reading habits and sync your social media accounts to Audible to share with friends. The Audible app also has a feature for alerting you about author events and more. Audible has a free trial month where you can listen to one ebook for free.


Cost: Free

As you scroll your Twitter you may come across long reads that you want to read. You may RT them to check on your TL later but by the end of the day you have forgotten about them. Enter Pocket, where you can save articles, videos and websites you want to read later. You can even access them offline in your browser so there is no excuse to not read quality content on your commute or while waiting for your doctor’s appointment.

So these are some apps to make you an efficient reader. Got some of your faves? Share them with us!

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