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The technology that powers online slots

Slot machines have been around for many years. First off they were only available to play at land based casinos due to the Internet being a pipe dream at the time. They offered players a chance to play something a bit different from the usual casino games offered up. As technology advanced and with the arrival of the World Wide Web, the whole gambling industry was transformed. Nowadays people can play slot machines online and on mobile due to the development of apps. How do they work though?

First of all, there are a few variations of online slot games. There is the 3-line slot, this is a slot game in its simplest form. These types of slots are perfect for newcomers as they are simply just a click and spin game. There are also the 5-reel slots too, otherwise known as video slots. These often include features and bonus rounds and incorporate smooth graphics and engaging sound effects. Other types of slot games include bonus slots and another popular choice in progressive jackpot slots.


Although there are differences between the types of online slot games available for players, one thing always remains the same. The computer component known as the random number generator or the RNG is essential in every type of slot. The RNG is imperative to how online slot games operate because of every random number they create, at every random interval, at every minute, of every day. The RNG is responsible for determining the outcome of every spin on every online slot game played.

The key point of how online slots actually work is that they have no memory. So they do not know if you have staked a lot of money and won nothing or whether you have just won big off a very small stake. This dispels the myth that a slot that has just paid out, wont pay out again for a long time and also that if you keep playing, you will eventually win. So there is no rigging by the gaming operator, the RNG determines whether you win or lose and it is just that, random. You could be playing Rainbow Riches and spin once and win big or you could be spinning Starburst for hours and win nothing. It isnt pre-determined, its all based on chance.

So basically the RNG randomly selects a number for each reel once a spin has been initiated. This is what the player sees in the form of symbols on the reels of the game they are playing. All reels are determined in the order that the first number represents reel number one, the second reel number two and so on. So whether you are playing a 3-reel game or a 5-reel game, the same method is utilised throughout. Random Number Generators are rigorously tested as is the software used to program them. This ensures fair and safe gambling throughout and further dismisses any myths that slots, in any form, are rigged.

A great way to get some practice in is by trying out free online slots. The advantage is that you don’t lose any money, but you can still get a good feel, and can obviously up the stakes as and when you want.

What is for certain is that slot machines are here to stay; and, with their unrelenting innovation will continue to dominate the gaming industry.

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