IFA 2017: Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light Is The Perfect Device To Help You Sleep

Put those restless minds to bed as Sleepace unveils the Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light – a new sleep aid, compatible with Alexa voice services, that is designed to wake people up and help them sleep. The Nox Aroma works its wonders by emitting scents of lavender, orange blossom or jasmine, all of which are proven to relax the mind and relieve minor and major sleep disorders.

The Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light will be available in the US and UK to purchase on Amazon.com from October 2017 at an RRP of $129 / £129.

When connected to the Sleepace iOS or Android app, the sleep aid acts as a personal sleep consultant that monitors sleeping patterns and body movement, to then provide an insight into one’s sleeping habits and suggest ways to improve sleep quality.

The CEO of Sleepace David Huang said: “The average time spent sleeping has drastically declined since the 1970s, thanks to a more rigorous working culture and blue lights from computer screens and smartphones that are proven to hinder sleep quality.” He continued, “The Nox Aroma simulates a natural environment when people go to sleep and when they wake up, by combining natural light, sounds and scents to help people disconnect from technology and get a good night’s sleep.”

Scents that improve sleep quality

The Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light offers a choice of pleasing scents including lavender, orange blossom, and jasmine. All three scents contain natural herbal ingredients that help relieve insomnia and comfort users for a more restful sleep.

The scents are solid-based and can be used for up to 30 days. This eliminates the hassle of replacing oils and water, as with traditional aroma diffusers. A silent fan in the Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light ensures the scents are circulated in the room. When combined with soft sounds of birds chirping from the speaker, the senses are immersed into an environment that mimics nature for an easier awakening.

Light that makes people happy

Start the day with the soft hues of dawn or fall asleep to the darker lights of sunset. The  Sleep Aroma Light uses seven colour combinations of light so users can personalise the light in their room.

For people who travel between different time zones or have irregular sleep patterns, red wavelengths can be emitted from the light to release a hormone, melatonin, which is proven to make people feel happier and help regulate a consistent sleep cycle.

Smart controls

The Alexa voice service is integrated into the Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light so users can utilise their Nox Aroma from anywhere in the home. The light, sounds and aromas of the sleep aid can be controlled by voice through Alexa. Just say “Alexa, turn on Nox Aroma and start the sleep aid” and Alexa will tell the Nox Aroma to do so.

Users can also ask Alexa for their sleep score and get suggestions to help them improve their sleep quality. Over time, users will see how their sleep score has evolved thanks to the Nox Aroma Smart Sleep Light.

Alternatively, people can operate the device with the Sleepace mobile app, which controls the light and sounds. The app also allows users to schedule the device to start automatically at a set time to suit the sleeper.

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