honeywell lyric T6 google home integration

Honeywell’s Lyric Thermostats Add Google Home Integration

Honeywell are known for being leaders in Connected Home solutions. Their ethos is that the home should be safe, secure and above all it should be comfortable. That is why this week they have announced Google Home integration to their thermostats, making them among the first brand to feature every major smart hub.

Europeans who use Google Home can utilise the system to adjust the temperature in the home with a Lyric thermostat such as Lyric T6 or Lyric T6R, using a simple verbal command. ┬áThis technology is being added to Honeywell’s evohome and Single Zone thermostats.

Lyric T6 and Lyric T6R are among the best connected thermostats available. The addition of Google Home to Honeywell’s Works With Honeywell program is the most recent integration and the program already features other smart home services like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT.

honeywell lyric T6 google home integration

Consumers can also choose to use Google Assistant on Google and Android devices as well as Google Home voice control. That means you can use your smartphone or tablet to check or adjust the temperature in your home using the app. It’s also possible to schedule changes using Honeywell’s Lyric or Total Connect Comfort International (TCC) app.

Continuing to collaborate with companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google and IFTTT to enhance homes with smart thermostats is all part of the Works With Honeywell program. Honeywell smart technology is already found in more than 150 million homes all over the world and provides flexibility, control and peace of mind. If you would like to read more about this, you can do so on the Honeywell website.

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