Pioneer: Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-Compatible AV Receiver Trio Launched

If you love your home entertainment systems, these new releases from Pioneer may interest you. Pioneer are launching a trio of new generation Dolby Atmos and DTS:X-Compatible AV receivers. The VSX-LX302 will be available in May while the VSX-932 and the VSX-832 are available now.

VSX-LX302 – £699 7.2-channel AVR


Coming next month, the VSX-LX302 has full 4K Ultra HD and HDR compatibility (HDR 10, Dolby Vision and the BT.2020 standard). Also, 4K/60p/4:4:4/24-bit video signal transmission is supported with VSX-LX302 (with HDCP 2.2 technology) on six rear HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs.

This AVR gives 170W per channel and can potentially drive two subwoofers. It provides Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Playback (using a 5.2.2-channel layout). It also offers a clever feature called Reflex Optimiser which is intended to eradicate the phase-lag issues which some Dolby Atmos elevation speakers are plagued with. This gives superb quality in mid and high frequency bands.

Pioneer VSX-LX302

Hi-Res audio including DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz and Dolby TrueHD content (up to 192 kHz/24-bit) via the USB input are fully supported. Digital content decoding falls to a high-grade 384 kHz/32-bit DAC (AK4458) produced by AKM.

It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled (5 GHz/2.4GHz Dual-band) VSX-LX302’s and provides support for music services such as Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL and TuneIn. There is also a Chromecast built-in facility which allows you to stream music from your laptop, smartphone or tablet directly to your speakers and can be controlled from Chromecast-enabled apps.

Chromecast Built-In

There’s also Bluetooth connectivity, Airplay, FireConnect wireless audio distribution (to optional compatible speakers), DTS Play-Fi compatibility, Powered Zone2 operation (including Zone 2 digital audio outputs) and Pioneer’s MCACC auto set-up system. Enthusiasts of the recent vinyl comeback will be pleased to hear that there is also built-in phono input (moving magnet). If radio is your thing, there is an AM/FM radio and later this summer Pioneer will introduce a USB dongle for DAB radio reception.

VSX-932 – £499 7.2-channel AVR

VSX-932 VSX-932


This AVR is similar to the VSX-LX302 but is a little less powerful with 130w a channel compared to 170w. It has a single subwoofer output rather than two and features four HDMI inputs/one HDMI output rather than six in/two out. It omits Zone 2 outputs and rather than an AK4458 it uses an AK4438 AKM DAC. It still provides excellent quality home cinema and music.

VSX-832 – £449 5.1-channel AVR

This Pioneer AV receiver is the first five-channel model to offer Dolby Atmos and is also the cheapest in the range. Just like the VSX-932 it has a 130w a channel power output. It lacks the vinyl-friendly phono input and offers 5.1-channel operation instead of 7.2.


This also has a feature called the Surround Enhancer which will be available via a future firmware update. It is a virtual speaker technology that uses Digital Signal processing to reproduce the sound that would usually come from separate Atmos speakers.

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