Primo iPhone Data Recovery – a no frills solution for all things iPhone, iPod and iPad

In the fast paced world we live in, it is rather easy to damage your phone, or lose it. If you like to try different things out, it is often rather easy to mess things up on your phone as well. You may even have to format it to recover things. Apple does a great job by backing everything up in the cloud, as well as letting you have the option to do an iTunes backup. However, sometimes, those options are just not very easy to use. You may not have done a backup in a long while, or iCloud may already be full. Either way, it is something that we all have to deal with.

In such a situation, you have two main options. Recovering from iCloud or heading to your iTunes backup. Software like Primo iPhone Data Recovery gives you a third option. They are able to look at your phone and help you recover any of the following deleted files:

  • Personal Data, such as messages, call history, contacts, message attachments, voicemail, bookmarks, etc.
  • Media, such as videos, music, photos, etc.
  • App data such as attachments, as well as items within apps such as attachments within WhatsApp, etc.

The software can also help you recover your OS in case of a crash, a restart loop or an issue with the OS itself.

It works on most iOS devices, anything above iPhone 4, iPod 3 and iPad 4.

As far as using the software goes, it is rather simple.

To start, just download and install the software, and run it. Follow this by connecting your device.

Hit Next and let it load up the information.

From here you should see a screen that lets you address all the options available:

As can be seen, you have all sorts of various options available on this page. Just click and select what you want, and hit Recover. It should all be recovered to your phone.

The software can also access your iTunes or iCloud backup in a similar way.

All in all, it is rather simple to use, and more importantly, it is very easy to use at a time when you may be feeling frustrated about your phone.

You can find out more information as well as the option to buy and download the software on the PrimoSync website. They have also prepared a handy example tutorial that lets you see how to use the software.

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