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Review: Toast Cover for Macbook Pro – Premium feel for your premium device

We don’t normally look at cases here on the website, or at least haven’t in a long while. Toast make great custom built cases made out of ‘toasted’ wood, and the idea to get our logo on our device was an idea we just couldn’t say no. So we happily said yes as soon as we had managed to grab our latest MBP.

About the case

The covers are made of real wood. They are engineered to fit every angle like a glove. The case itself is laser cut to give it precision.

The wood pattern is also laser cut onto the device, and being wood means each case is unique.

They come with adhesive stickers on the back, so are fairly easy to stick on.

They also add grip, protection and style to your laptop.

The cases also ensure you get perfectly placed cutouts for rubber feet as well as screw holes.

The cases come in four options: walnut, ebony, ash and bamboo.

The cover comes with a top cover, a bottom cover and side wraps.


The case comes with easy to follow application instructions. You need to be careful, and you need to be able to sit down and spend around 10 minutes doing this.

Start with a clean laptop, as that will help. Apply the top cover, and you may notice it overhangs a bit.

This is normal.

Then you start with the bottom one. On this, we noticed that the cutouts were not as perfect as one had hoped.

There was a very slight offset on the feet.

From there, you focus on the sides, such that the cuts line up.

Look and feel

The case definitely feels great. One thing that I noticed at the start was that the sides of the case can often feel a bit sticky in the start. Feel free to use the wipes that come with it to clean that up.

The wood helps the grip, and it gives your device a nice and premium feel.

It also adds pretty much no extra volume or weight to your device, meaning that you don’t need to worry about adjusting any cases or sleeves you may already have.


Toast will happily add your logo or custom text on the device. More on it can be found on their website. We went with the OxGadgets logo, as can be seen in the top picture.

More information

More information on the Toast cases can be found on their website. They do cases for a lot of phones, tablets and other laptops too. It retails for $59.00 for the Macbook Pro.

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