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4 Computer Security Mistakes to Avoid

We can often take the internet at face value, thinking all there is to it is social media, videos, news and spreadsheets. It is so easier to forget there are cybercriminals trying to identify their next victim. If you have never been targeted by a cyber criminal or had a computer virus, you might think internet crime isn’t really a big deal, but it is and it can happen to you. To help protect your computer, we are providing the four security mistakes you need to avoid.

You Don’t Update Your Password

One of the most effective ways to improve your internet security is by simply updating every password each week or month. You must therefore organise a database of all the password changes so you never lose track and lock yourself out of an account. However, make sure you pick a strong password with a mixture of letters, numbers and characters – because “admin123” will just make your computer an easy target. Regular password changes will allow you to stay one step ahead of a hacker, who may rely on old information when attempting to attack your computer.

You Don’t Pay Attention to Software

Have you ever downloaded software only to restart your computer and discover a new toolbar on a browser? That’s because you agreed to everything on the software without reading up on the consequences of the installation. Unfortunately, the additional downloads can cause significant browser and antivirus software issues, which can affect your computer’s security. So, read up on the software before you make a download, and don’t accept any features you do not want.

You Haven’t Installed Antivirus Software

Speaking of antivirus software, do you have a program installed on your computer? A good antivirus can protect your online privacy, and it can also detect any harmful viruses or malware that could destroy the hard drive. Viruses can cause significant damage to your computer, so install an antivirus or you may have no other choice than to browse the internet for the best hard drive data recovery cost.

Remember, not all computers come complete with antivirus software and the ones that do will often only last for a trial period, so you much invest in a program to protect a PC.

You Click on Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups can be annoying, but they will be even more annoying when they are threatening your computer’s security. Never click on a pop-up advertisement that claims you have a virus or that it can improve your computer’s performance, because they could end up causing a computer more harm than good. So, close the pop-up window as soon as possible and maybe avoid the website where it popped up in the future. You could even install a pop-up blocker plugin for added protection, but choose the plugin carefully!

We put our computers at risk every time we turn them on; however, if you use caution and the best security software options on the market, you can prevent falling victim to a cyberattack. Remember, if a product, service or claim doesn’t look right, trust your gut and avoid it at all costs.

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