Review: Ekster Parliament Wallet – Fully featured wallet!

Like it or not, we all need wallets. Be it to carry your debit/credit card or loose change, we all need a way or means to carry means of spending in our pockets. Wallets have made it easy for men and women to carry those things around.

With new technology come new needs and new luxuries. The Ekster wallet tries to pack those all into one neat little package.


The wallet comes with the following features:

  • Storage: At least 10 cards
  • RFID Blocking for 5 cards
  • Card Slider system
  • Tracker using TrackR Bravo, using Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 10.5 x 7 cm (0.59 x 4.1 x 2.7 inch)
  • Cash storage strap
  • Hidden pocket for coins
  • Leather

Ekster – It is all about the look and feel

The device is an opening wallet which comes with a special sliding pocket for your cards, and another hidden pocket as well as a cash strap.

The cash strap also hides the tracker in it.

Close it and it turns into a neat little package, although can be a bit fat.

Regardless, it fits well in your pocket, both side or back. The card slider button is accessible even when the wallet is closed, making it easier to access cards when needed.

Generally the wallet is built well, and feels great and premium.


The device can be tracked using the TrackR app. Just turn the app on, look to pair new devices and press the Ekster logo till you hear a beep. The devices should now pair and you should be able to track this with the TrackR app, like you can any other TrackR device.

This means that you can:

  • Track your wallet if you lose it
  • You can use the wallet to find your phone
  • Using Crowd GPS, you can even track your wallet if it is out of the range of your phone.

Crowd GPS has limitations, and they are covered in detail in the TrackR Bravo review (linked above).

This makes this device an extra safe wallet to have, and particularly handy during those panic moments when you think you’ve lost your wallet.

RFID protection

Another extra feature that they have added in this is RFID protection. This means that if you have a card that comes with contactless as a feature, this wallet will prevent anybody to scan your pocket and get your cards to pay. Extra security for the cards in your pocket.

Charging the device

Oh yes, one interesting quirk of this device is that you need to charge this. This is done using a micro USB socket and you need a micro USB cable. Interestingly, the socket is rather recessed, and you can’t just use any micro USB cable. You need the cable that comes with the device.

While this could be for the tracking of the device it isn’t very obvious. It also isn’t very obvious when the device is fully charged or not. There are no indicating LEDs. You can use the TrackR app to see the battery levels of the detection.

More information

More information on the Ekster Parliament can be found on their website. It can be pre-ordered via IndieGogo, and comes in various prices. The Parliament is around $89.


A wallet is a statement of who you are as a person. With the Ekster range, you can show off your style, but also have a high tech device in your pocket, with all the protection and security you need.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Ekster Parliament Wallet – Fully featured wallet!


    I ordered parliament with a tracker which is $100. They sent me a defective product, tracker did not work. And as soon as you touch the wallet it scratches so easily. After emailing back and forth I sent back the product. It took 45 days that they could analyze product weather is defective or not. They also told me that the wallet has many scratches, but this is their product how quickly it gets scratches. In meanwhile they were holding my $100. So I requested my money back because did not want this product. They refused to refund my money because of their policy but they can hold my money no problem. Anyway, I asked them to send me Senate Cardholder instead parliament tracker and they refused that also. The only option they gave me, get the same wallet. Now, It has been almost 2 months I still do not have the wallet or money.
    Customer service is horrible. There is no phone number only by email and company located in Netherlands. They answer your email 3-4 days later. I will fight on this issue until I get my money.

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