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Work Place Learning using technology: Easier, Faster, Accessible

It is no secret that learning on the job is one of the best things you can take from your workplace. There is a reason why experience is rated so highly when people are looking to hire new people. However, learning through experience isn’t as simple as learning what to do at work. As one progresses through their career, there is a need to learn new skills, gain new pieces of information, and put them into practice. Different workplaces have different strategies to address the needs of their employees. Some of them go to companies that specialise in organisational development, while others let their staff pick and choose the kind of courses they need. Between the two, various people manage to make their learning process easier.

One of the joys of the digital age is that learning has become faster, easier, and more importantly, accessible for anyone and everyone. From various online courses to distance learning to digital training management systems, we live in a world where learning, both for personal reasons or for your work/career, has become incredibly easy.

Below are a few ways in which technology is helping workplaces help their employees learn:

Open University

While not exactly new, no article on technology based learning can go without a mention for Open University. Over the years, Open University has evolved to allow students to learn through various distance learning programs. In the past this included materials sent in the post. Now this has evolved to online courses, training videos and online lectures as well as slides. In fact, they are not the only one adapting new ways of presenting materials to their students. A lot of universities, both in the UK and around the world are adopting similar methods.


The abbreviation MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. The courses on offer cover everything from small certifications and studies all the way up to graduate and postgraduate level courses. While the idea spread rather quickly, British universities have been a bit slow on the uptake. However, things are beginning to change and a major amount of prominent universities are now partaking in MOOCs, including Open University itself. Some companies, such as EDX, are also specialising purely in offering online courses.

Online Training Videos

Before there was Powerpoint, there was VHS. Training videos have long been used as a means of helping staff learn about new or old items. This could be introduction to new workplace policies or something more complicated such as introduction of a new system. Thanks to the latest developments, all these videos are now easily available via the internet and can easily be accessed. Of course, some of the stuff is widely available on websites such as YouTube, while other can only be accessed through a paywall system.

Learning Management systems

One of the indirect advantages of technology has also been the development of learning management systems. These systems not only keep a track of what employee has done what training, but also help keep a tab on exams, scores, and refresher courses. As the number of courses and employees grows, these systems and their importance becomes self evident. These systems can also link in with HR systems, and can help in keeping and managing a record and copies of certificates and such like.

Do you use any of the above at your workplace? Would you benefit from one or all of the above? Do let us know in the comments section below, or give us a shout via social media.

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