Slay Those Tasks! 4 Must-Have Productivity Apps


Paper planners, wall calendars and notepads – smartphones have made traditional ways of being organised practically obsolete. Even if one does manage to narrow what to do and when, there is a  possibility that an appointment is forgotten or an email gets delayed. Modern day living means that more and more of us are busier yet less productive.  How can there be  a balance between what needs to be done and what can wait? Innovative techies have taken to upon themselves to develop apps that help people achieve their goals with the least amount of learning required.


Raise the Bar- Goal Tracker (Google Play Store)

Consistency is the key to forming a new habit. At least that is what the experts say! Raise the Bar app’s  simple and functional design makes forming a positive habit, like going for run or drinking 8 glasses a water, fun. Want to pick up a new instrument? Create a bar on the app and label it ‘Guitar’. Users can choose to track the time period spent learning to play the guitar or track the specific number of guitar sessions. In addition to tracking goals, users can use it as To-Do list or Recipe Plan tool.  As goals are achieved the user gets to ‘level up’ and continue progress on that particular habit or goal. For those craving more order, there is a tag functionality as well as detailed, customisable graphs to detect trends.

Google Calendar & Reminders 

Google Calendar is a web-based tool that allows users to organise their schedule. With it’s latest update and the addition of Reminders, Google Calendar has transformed into the ultimate to-do list genie. Colourfully illustrated prompts determine the best times for scheduling reminders from calling Mom to packing lunch in the morning. Pre-set templates for basic tasks (calls, emails, text, read, check-in flights, meet, etc) programmed into the app. It easily digs up the relevant information to help you finish tasks, such as your mother’s mobile phone number.

Accomplish: To-Do List Reborn 

Accomplish is a smart planner/to-do list combined in one mobile phone application. Users can drag a task from the list and drop it down into the day-view of the calendar.  Some of the great features in Accomplish include pending tasks that automatically roll-over to the next day and seamless synchronisation with pre-existing Google Calendars. The key here is short-term time management to get the maximum done in a day.


Night Owl -Screen Dimmer 

Newspapers simply can not stop talking about the harmful side effects of using the mobile phone in bed.  Among the negatives is the chance of developing chronic insomnia due to the phone’s blue-light. The Night Owl -Screen Dimmer is a cute application that automatically turns on a blue-light filter as the light changes. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps the user avoid eye strain or headaches from extended mobile use. As everyone knows, a good night’s sleep is crucial to being super-productive the next morning.

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