iMyfone Umate Pro: Best way to securely delete your data

A phone upgrade is a pretty exciting time for most of us. However, as you upgrade your phone, what do you do with it? Different people have different strategies. Some people will pass it on to a friend or a loved one. Others will sell it or swap it for the new phones. Some people, though rare as they may be, will just put their old phone back in the box, and pop it in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Forgotten forever!

If you want to sell your phone, or even if you want to pass it on to others, it is advisable that you perform certain actions. The obvious one is that you should back up your old phone. If you have an iPhone, this can easily be done via iTunes. One of the best parts of owning an iPhone is that a back up is done for you automatically, but you can never be too sure. After that, make sure your important data, such as contacts and such like are also backed up in the cloud. After that, the task is simple: delete everything that already exists on your phone.

Of course, it isn’t just a matter of going to settings and hitting ‘Factory Reset’. As most people know, your data on almost any device can be recovered. Phones represent who we are for the period we own then. They see what we see via photos, and they know what we know via email, messages and texts. They look into our banks and know all of our passwords. Needless to say, there is a lot of data on our phones that definitely needs to be wiped before it is passed on to anybody else.

For such needs, we have the iMyfone Umate Pro software. It is a software designed to delete and clean items from your iPhone.

It offers the following features:

Click Cleanup: This is the feature to use when you are still using your iPhone, but it seems to getting clogged up or you are running out of space. This will perform a disk cleanup on your phone, getting rid of junk or temporary files, giving you the option to delete photos, or remove large files or apps. All of this is done easily and with just one click.


Erase all data: If you are looking to sell your phone, this is the feature for you. This deletes the kind of stuff factory reset cannot delete.

Erase deleted files: So, you deleted your files. They are gone, right? No. Those files can easily be recovered using any recovery software. This feature makes sure that any files that were deleted are actually safely wiped from your device.

Erase Private Data: This allows you to destroy all sorts of private data from your phone, making sure all your personal information is secure.




Preview and select private data: This isn’t restricted to deleting all data. Using this software you can also look at exactly what you want to delete and what you want to keep.

100% Unrecoverable: All data deleted by this software is 100% unrecoverable, no matter what recovery software you use.

Supports all sorts of file types: Including Apple files, iMessages, call history, cookies, internet history, photos, attachments, etc.

Supported for both Windows and Mac OS devices.

It generally retails for $49.95, but as a special deal, it is going for $29.95. You can also try it for free using the link above.

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