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Review: Monster Elements

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Monster are a well known headphone brand. They offer everything from cheaper offerings to the ones that cost a few hundred quid. Their latest offering is the Monster Elements range, which comes in both over the ear and on ear designs. Featuring a swipe pad that lets you control your music, these headphones offer the following:

– Showroom beautiful finish
– Wired and Wireless
– Wired mode needs no batter
– Swipe pad allows you to control your music
– DJ style hinges on both Left and Right Sides
– Folding
– High intelligibility mic
– Can make and take phone calls
– Pure Monster Sound
– Memory Foam Cushions
– Hard case included


Included are the associated cables and adaptors as well.

Look and feel


The headphones look like classical over the ear wireless headphones, with heavy padding all around. The ears themselves are folding, which means it can be packed quite compactly.

On the right ear, you have a multi-function button which turns it on or off, as well as can be used for pairing and such like. You also have the micro USB port which can be used to charge the device.

monster elements wireless

Below the Monster logo, and above the earphone on the right side, you also have the swipe pad. This allows you to turn your music on or off, turn the volume up or down, or go between tracks or accept/reject phone calls.

The left ear has an audio slot in it, allowing you to connect it to various devices.


The setup is as easy as it gets. Turn it on, go to your Bluetooth settings, and pair.

No setup is required if you are using a wire to listen to the music.

Swipe Pad

The swipe pad is an extra touch that has been included in this. It is handy, but at times it seemed to miss what I wanted it to do. It requires a tiny bit of a knack, though you can figure it out within a few goes. However, every now and then it still ends up pausing music instead of skipping tracks and such like.

The swipe up and down for volume works perfectly though.

The fit

Lots of padding means that it is quite comfortable all around. However, they are not the lightest headphones (and they can’t be, with all they pack in). That is why the padding is there. However, make a few jerky movements, or run around a bit, and you will find that they may wobble a bit.

Being on the slightly heavier side also means that you can’t wear them for a whole day.


However, folding fit does mean that you can use them like DJs, going from one ear to the other.

Sound Quality

This is where these headphones really shine. They offer a warmth, and detail that is worthy of any kind of music you want to throw at them. Be it your standard tunes, or something like classical music or even opera. In fact, for anyone who listens to classical music on a regular basis, these are a godsend. They throw in all the detail you often miss out in most headphones.

This is thanks to the aptX Bluetooth 4.0 technology these pack in.

Of course, it isn’t just for those who want classical music. Almost everything and anything sounds better in these. Noise isolation, fitness, immersion and the quality, it ticks all those boxes immensely well.

More information

More information on these can be found on the Monster website.

They retail for £219.95.

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