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CloudEndure logo. Image used with permission.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration Service

CloudEndure logo. Image used with permission.

CloudEndure™ is a cloud migration and disaster recovery service, which works by using continuous repetition of your entire application stack.

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from having a robust disaster recovery process, especially given the amount of saved data which now exists on networks worldwide. Individuals who routinely create large amounts of content such as vloggers, website owners, writers and social media managers will also profit from having an online backup service should a problem arise. CloudEndure™ offers two products to help with disaster recovery and cloud migration: CloudEndure™ DR and CloudEndure™ Migration. There is a reason why these terms are trademarked, after all.

CloudEndure™ DR

Disaster Recovery can be simple with CloudEndure™. The tagline ‘Business as Usual. Always.’ hints at the sophisticated service which minimizes downtime while maximizing business efficiency. CloudEndure™ also prides itself on keeping costs lower than rivals. Because the service works by using continuous repetition of the entire application stack, recovery is less painful than it would be with a snapshot-based solution. Continuous Data Protection, or CDP, technology ensures access to multiple cloud locations for optimized file saving. In turn, this allows maximum uptime and a better experience for customers, users and clients. Fewer complaints about a sluggish or non-available website will mean happier end users and a better reputation for website owners.

CloudEndure™ set up is quick and easy, and the technology goes to work straight away, creating an immediate copy of the website and associated data. Demos are available and a free trial period is offered to those who still wish to try before they buy. There are full instructions on set up and starting the replication process on the CloudEndure™ website, plus explanations of the use of failover and other frequently asked questions. The process seems pretty straightforward, even for those who are not completely tech-savvy.

CloudEndure™ Migration

Migration using CloudEndure™ is as simple as such things can be, taking a shorter amount of time and incurring less downtime and lower costs than compatible programs. The company prides itself on offering near-zero downtime, even for complicated cutovers. Once the initial replica is created, the customer can run tests to ensure that everything works as it should using the replica, and then simply direct traffic to it while the cutover is in progress. Continuous Data Protection allows for the site to remain accessible to users while at the same time being copied to the cloud for backup. This will have a lower impact on expenditure, incur lower CAPEX costs and ensure less disruption to customers and staff. The immediate data transfer from the main site to the cloud means that changes will be mirrored in the cloud copy almost as soon as they are made on the main site, thus keeping a tighter rein on storage costs too.

As well as the two services offered by CloudEndure™, the site also has a blog, a list of customers (which includes names as diverse as publisher Penguin Random House, freelance site fiverr, Paramount Mortgage Company and North Attleborough Electric Department), a partner program, case studies and helpful e-books for prospective customers to read before making a decision about whether CloudEndure™ is the best placed provider of cloud migration or disaster recovery for them.

For a thoroughly modern, hassle-free migration and disaster recovery service, CloudEndure™ seems like a sensible choice of provider no matter the size of company or complexity of data to be stored.

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