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YapJobs – bringing jobs to the hospitality market


yapjobsWith summer coming closer and students returning from universities, many young people are looking for summer work to pass the time and fund their festival ventures. For most people, this would mean tapping into the service and hospitality sector – which is notorious for having a high churn rate. Many jobs in this area are tough, high-pressure environments which erode people with time, making them unhappy with their work. A lot of the time it is less the workload, but the lack of a positive work environment or culture, which helps alleviate the stress.

The same goes for employers as well. While the internet has made it easier for employers to find candidates online, and for candidates to submit CVs, these employers usually receive hundreds of requests which they have to sift through before they find the best one. There is no algorithm with finding the best people save for manually flicking through hundreds of CVs to find someone.

As such, there is a new app which tackles this issue. YapJobs is a way for people to find work in the hospitality and service sectors, by connecting great employers with the best candidates in real-time, filling roles often on the same day.

Since its introduction in November 2015, YapJobs has already processed over 50,000 applications and has helped hire people into jobs with leading employers including Le Meridian Hotels, Gaucho, Carluccio’s, Bang & Olufsen, Costa Coffee, The Ivy, Hard Rock Café and Abokado. In addition, YapJobs has also announced over £1 million in seed funding to help boost its rollout.

The candidate fills a profile and selects the jobs they wish to apply for. After a while, a list of the top 20 candidates is sent to the employer for further deliberation, and the candidate is selected from them. This ensures that the employer gets a choice of the best people, while the job hunter has a wide selection of great, high-profile employers to choose from.

Founder and chief executive Shahzad Ali says:

“The retail industry has a high employee turnover rate and currently job seekers are forced to send out their CV to tens if not hundreds of employers trying to find a position. YapJobs’ algorithm matches quality candidates with employers, eliminating the guess work and fatigue for both retailers and job seekers.”

YapJobs is free to use and is available for iOS and Android.

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