The Good Till Co. – Offering POS solutions to small businesses

Heckler Design WindFall and cash drawer in bright red photographed on location at Mercantile salon and boutique in downtown Phoenix. Photography by Jill Richards

Over the past few years we have seen and tried hundreds of different apps that claim they will enable you to use your tablet to help with every imaginable day-to-day problem. Tablets have of course become an essential item that have changed the way many consumers browse, communicate and shop, so we were really interested to see a new app that is changing the way independent retailers run their business too.

While big businesses use point of sale systems that feed their teams of analysts with reams of data, many small independent retailers are still using something that is effectively a calculator and a cash drawer. By combining an iPad and some smart software, what the clever people at The Good Till Co. have done is create a package that pulls together everything a shop or café would need to know, from stock levels to seasonal sales trends, offering the kind of intelligence that big corporations use to do business a bit smarter, at a fraction of the price.

Aside from adding something pretty funky-looking to your shop’s checkout area, what we really like about The Good Till’s solution is the email receipt functionality. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with pockets full of crumpled till receipts, only to not be able to find the right one when I actually want to return something to the shop. With The Good Till, you can just give your email address to the retailer and they’ll send you an e-receipt, which is more eco-friendly, easier to track down when you need it, plus the business gets the bonus of some valuable data capture.

You may have already seen The Good Till in action at coffee shops and retailers across the UK, or even as the EPOS solution for the Edinburgh Fringe last year. Despite using the cloud for its data storage, The Good Till even works when there isn’t a reliable internet connection available, so we can see it being particularly popular with pop-up shops, market stalls or even at more outdoor festival events this summer.

The Good Till Co. provide software and hardware point of sale solutions for independent retailers, bars and restaurants. For more information see

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