The gadget lovers guide to creating a fantastic home

If someone from 50 years ago were to materialise in your home they would be overwhelmed by the fantastic gadgets on display. Just think what your average 1965 inhabitant would make of a wall-mounted HD or UHD television, or a microwave and laptop. Now think of what 2065 will bring – it’s impossible.

However, if you are looking to bring the future into your home now there are multiple products on the market suggesting that the Internet of Things is here now. Online portals such as How to Spend It can suggest some fine products for tech-fans – here are more of the best for 2016.


The wafting smell of food prepared in a slow cooker when one enters the home is wonderful – but Belkin’s WeMo takes it one stage further, letting you monitor the state of the cooking and alter the temperature accordingly, or turn it off completely.

Before you’ve thrown your casserole ingredients into the mix you may require recipe ideas and accurate measurements of the constituent parts. Swap the old fashioned weighing devices for Drop, interactive scales which let you share, resize, and scale your various foodstuffs to fit the recipe numbers. There are no wires for this low-power device, which is available for Apple devices.

And in the future? Check out this interactive cooktop from Whirlpool which allows you to check social media and emails while cooking. There are also plans for steam ovens with in-built cameras from Electrolux, that allow you to monitor whether your cake is rising or not.


The ten best-ranked UHD televisions, boasting resolutions of 3840 x 2160 pixels, include the 65-inch, £8,000 Panasonic 65CZ952 at number one down to the far cheaper (£579) sister model Panasonic TX-40CX680B. That’s according to, which adds that the range of shows on Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix is growing rapidly.

Throw in a set of speakers such as the Grace Digital Bluetooth TV speaker or the fantastic Sonos Play:5 to listen to great music throughout the home and you’ve got the total media package.


Scales have now progressed beyond a simple weight measurement; they now monitor you on the go, speaking to your mobile to track your activity throughout the day and feeding back the results in a ‘Smart Body Analyzer’. There’s already a market for toilets with heated seats and night lights, but future projects also include loos that can analyse what you create to check your state of health. Yes, really.


Vacuuming and cleaning floors is a mundane and thankless task that prohibits you from getting on with more rewarding jobs. Therefore, why not get a robot to scrub the floor in your place – such as the iRobot Scooba? Place him down and let him sweep and pre-scrub carpets, lino, tiles in an easy, three-step process. The device costs £450.

The top ten tech gadgets and devices of 2015 according to Designboom include a Tesla Powerwall and the Microsoft hololens headset, while the Guardian provides a telling eye into what might arrive in years to come in this brilliant and over-arching piece – android butlers, wallpaper-thin televisions and tiles that transfer footsteps into electrical energy for the home.



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