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It could be argued that the TAG Heuer Connected was always going to be a winner. The brand is, unarguably, one of the most recognisable watch manufactures on the planet. This level of prestige married with the post-Apple smartwatch hysteria meant products flew off the shelves: at The Watch Gallery (one of the UK’s leading Tag Heuer watch retailers) alone, our pre-allocation order of 20 pieces sold out within a mere 48 hours, 14 of these being online and 6 in-store. However, the series’ success is the result of so much more than last-minute opportunism.

Labelled a ‘computer on the wrist’, this timepiece offers a sizeable 46mm in diameter; the case and lugs are made with grade 2 titanium finished with a PVD coated bezel. The dial is presented with three optional interactive digital watch faces complete with a sapphire crystal touch screen. The real strength here is versatility: fancy a GMT dial? No problem. An all-black face for the next boardroom meeting? It just takes a tap of the touch screen.


To emphasise the importance of legibility (the Connected is still a watch designed to tell the time, after all), the digital hands and indexes remain visible at all times even when the watch is in ambient energy-saving mode. An Intel® Atom™ Processor Z34XX system makes for a well oiled machine; it may sound similar to the lexicon of an IT manager but take our word for it, the gear inside is more than good. Pair this with an operating system by Google and you know you’re onto a winner with a multitude of digital connectivity options – audio streaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to name but a few.

As a piece 100% compatible with Android platforms 4.3 +, users can harness the full range of features on their smartphone. A minimum of 25 hours battery life ensures the watch can be fully charged in as little 45 minutes by simply placing the piece on top of a contact charger. Although fully functional in tandem with smartphone technology, TAG Heuer has still placed an emphasis on the traditional; each Connected watch can be exchanged for a Swiss mechanical timepiece when the two-year warranty expires. Finally, each piece is finished upon a textured rubber strap that successfully fuses comfort and style. The TAG Heuer Connected watch is a landmark in modern haute horlogerie and keeps the ‘tech luxe’ balance intact.

And the success story doesn’t end there. The Watch Gallery’s secondary allocation of 10 more pieces holds a 50-person waiting list (prospective buyers, form an orderly queue please) which quantifies the Connected as more than an ‘of the minute’ gimmick. The Swiss-smartwatch hybrid is proving to be a stronger formula than ever, commanding a third of all total global watch sales in 2015. TAG Heuer has commanded the watch game for decades, and it looks like they’re not relinquishing the crown any time soon.

This article was done in collaboration with The Watch Gallery.

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