New business storage: How to make the most of your office space

As a business it’s important you take time to consider your office space and how to best make use of it to ensure employees are working happily and that you have enough room to include all the furniture and equipment necessary. Here’s how to really utilise your space in the best way, with just a few clever tips:

Remove anything you don’t need

Old printers, unused desks, broken chairs – you’ll find these items in most offices but it’s important you remove them from the premises quickly before they start cluttering up any much needed space. If you think you’ll need them again, pop them in a storage unit that you can access later. No matter where you are in the country you’ll be able to find self storage in a variety of locations in sizes to accommodate all needs.

Use colour wisely

Colour can be used to create the illusion of a bigger space, so definitely avoid reds or dark paints that might make your office space shrink in appearance. While most would immediately reach for the white paint tin it has been proven that this colour isn’t the best when it comes to boosting productivity in employees. In a study conducted by the University of Texas those working in a white room made more mistakes and suggests that blue would be a better colour to use as it promotes a calming effect.

Rely less on paper

Paper requires storage such as filing cabinets and drawers and these can take up valuable floor space. Look into online file portals such as Google Drive or Dropbox for keeping everything safe and secure and only print of what you really need to.

Think carefully about your layout

Consider foot traffic, desk size and storage required when it comes to the layout of your office. It might be an idea to scrap the concept of meeting rooms in favour of stand up gatherings along the back wall of the office with a row of shelf desks to increase space and cut down the amount of time people spend away from their desk chatting in meeting rooms.

Consider hot desking

Do you have people out of the office regularly for meetings and events or workers who only come in twice a week and do the rest from home? Then consider hot desking instead of assigning a desk to each person. This not only minimises the amount of desks you need but it also allows people to move around each day, integrate with people in the business they might not have before and helps you create a savvy office space.

Your office space can be quickly amended and utilised in a way that makes everyone happy. You could even test things by having a move around, monitoring how people are working and trying something new. After all, workers who have remained at the same desk for a long period of time can become bored and less productive due to the monotony of their day, no matter the work – mix things up a bit and make the most of your office space.





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