Future of gaming – here and now!

I grew up craving and playing games on consoles. Whether it was handheld, or something chunky like Atari with its cartridges. Things have changed. Games on PC, arguably the strongest ‘console’, would take a long time just to load, and even then the playing experience would be average. Well, at least compared to today.


One of the biggest changes so far is how games are just available on any device we use. Whether it is a smart phone, a computer, or even a smart television. Everything is packed with games. And of course, they are not even dedicated gaming devices. More so, you have an immensely growing array of accessories. Everything from controllers to headsets, to keyboards that allow you how to program certain macros to give you that edge over your opponent.

One thing though, has made a bigger difference than anything else. That is the magic of internet, the ability to play games with others, using nothing but your own device and a magical cable to the outside world. Who remembers sharing the arrow keys and the magical WASD combination on their keyboard just to be able to play two player games with their siblings. Yeah, you may have been better off, and you may have had a console with 2 or even 4 controllers, but that was pretty much your limit.Now you have games with hundreds if not thousands of players, working away.

Another interesting element for me is also the fact that as games have grown bigger and taken on more complex needs, the smaller game has made a massive comeback. We have games like Angry Birds who have made their publishers a whole lot of money, and you even get Tetris tournaments happening. Games like Candy Crush, Bejeweled, or just simply Words with Friends take up more time than any of us ‘non-gamers’ would ever imagine spending on games.

Then there is the matter of the new kind of technologies. The latest innovation seen at MWC this year was the virtual reality headsets. You have the basic ones, the cheap ones, the Google Glass and the slightly more advanced Samsung VR Headsets, all the way to the HTC Vive and the Occulus Rift. With the new domain of gaming and virtual experience available to us all, it is pretty much our imaginations that will limit how we game in the near future.

The most exciting part? The simple fact that technology is finally catching up with our imagination now.

Many online websites offer different kinds of gaming experiences. You have websites like MiniClip that offer you flash games, just to kill time, or if you want to be braver and spend some time risking money and playing poker, you can check out websites likeĀ M88.

How you choose to explore modern gaming or what you choose to explore is entirely up to you. Just remember that with all technology and devices it is important that you remain safe. For ideas on how to keep you and your family protected there are some great tips at http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/


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