Skulpt Aim – taking fitness measurement to a whole new level


The Skulpt Aim has recently launched in the UK and is the first and only fitness device that accurately rates the quality of individual muscles and measures their fat percentage. The device helps users to achieve their fitness goals faster, better understand their bodies, and know when they are losing fat and gaining muscle. Unlike other fitness trackers which only measure calories or step counts, Skulpt Aim is the most accurate way to measure fitness and how weight loss is impacting your body, you need to do this from the inside out, noting down changes in actual body fat and muscle quality.

A few key points about Skulpt:

  • Fast and easy to use –  the Skulpt Aim is easy to use. Lightly moisten the skin, hold the device to your muscle and an instant reading will appear on the screen
  • Compact but powerful – at about the size of an iPhone, Skulpt Aim is water resistant with 12 sensors on the back. These send a small current through the muscle to analyse its condition
  • Smart – it helps users to exercise smarter by seeing the progress of individual muscles and how they are responding to exercise. This is the only product that accurately measures fat percentage instead of just weight, and muscle quality instead of muscle mass
  • Personalised – each device supports up to six different users, and each user can sync to their own Skulpt app, and track results on their own app
  • Grounded in medical science – the idea came from medical research by co-founder & Harvard Medical School Professor, Seward Rutkove, MD, who was seeking better ways to measure muscle health
  • Price – the Skulpt Aim is currently available from Currys, Argos and the Skulpt website for £149.99

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