Braun Series 3 – 3080s: Wet and Dry Shaver

braun 3 3080s box

Braun is a well known name in the world of beard trimmers and shavers. The Series 3 from Braun offers a great performance at great prices, giving users a great shave without a compromise. The 3080S is one of the more advanced devices available in the Series 3 range.

In the box

braun 3 3080 s - in the box

The box includes the following:

  • The Braun 3-3080s
  • Travel pouch
  • Mains charger
  • Stand for the shaver
  • Cleaning brush


braun 3 3080s

It combines the following features:

  • Close shave, good skin comfort, faster than ever before,* with new MicroComb technology (*Vs previous Series 3 on a 3-day beard)
  • MicroComb guides more hair into the cutting parts for faster shaving; Three independently floating cutting elements adapt to facial contours
  • Wet and Dry shaver for use in the shower with foam or gel
  • 1 hour charge lasts for one whole week of electric shaving
  • Precision mode gives an easy, close shave in hard-to-reach areas; Includes a protective travel pouch

The biggest feature available on the design is the MicroComb:

braun 3 3080s microcomb

This feature is probably the most interesting on offer. It works in two ways, one of them is to allow the hair to stand up and be cut more closely, and more importantly, in the process, it offers you a faster shave.

The technology gets even more interesting, because it allows you to shave even after a couple of days break, making this the perfect device to use on the Monday after the weekend. This is made possible by 3 floating blade mechanisms, which all work together to give you a closer experience, much like the multi-blade razors used in wet shave.

The floating razors also pack in a certain precision, allowing you to work on those hard to reach areas, such as your moustache.

The device is also 100% waterproof. Not only does this mean that you won’t have to worry about washing this under a tap, but more importantly, it can be used with both foam or shaving gel, meaning you can use this for both wet and dry shaves.

A rechargeable Ni-MH battery gives you 45 minutes of run time on a 60 minute charge, and 5 minute quick charge allows you a single shave, making this the perfect travel shaver for you. Of course, all the battery status is available via an LED display too.

It also packs in an ergonomic design as well as a long hair trimmer for more accurate sideburn and moustache shaping.

The experience

The 3080s is a very well rounded device, providing a great shave and control. The design feels and fits well in the hand, and the grip is sure. The shaving experience for me worked better as a dry shave rather than wet one, but I always prefer electric shavers when dry. If going from a standard razor to electric one, though, you will take a little getting used to it.

The shave is smooth, quick and unlike many other devices, there isn’t a lot of hair pulling which can end up being painful. This means that your skin feels smooth and comfortable after the shave.

For shave after a few days, the experience is reasonable, though personally I end up using the long hair trimmer to trim the hair down a bit before giving it a shave. Anything more than a couple of days, and you are better off using a trimmer first.

The battery life is quite impressive, lasting a week and a half easily on a single charge, though it will vary from person to person, and shaving style to shaving style.

More information

More information on the Braun 3 Series, as well as details of the 3080s can be found on the Braun website:

It can be bought from various online retailers, such as Amazon, where it retails for £62.95.


A great option for people who want a good shaver at an economic price.

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