How to Disable ‘Google Now’ on your Android

Google Now

The Google Now Cards is quite a handy feature on the phone. In fact, ever since its introduction, it has been a major helping force for people who are on the move, travelling, or just want to keep an eye on the news or their favourite sports. ¬†However, the benefits of this come at a cost, and the cost is battery life. This isn’t a major problem on a lot of phones, but annoyingly the new Nexus 5X seems to suffer quite a lot from the ‘bad battery’ syndrome, and I have found that disabling the Google Now helps quite a lot.

So I have prepared a little ‘how to’ on disabling it, and improving your battery life immensely.


Step 1: Go to your Google App

2015-12-06 12.29.00

This can be done in two ways, you can either hit the ‘Google Search Bar’ on top of your home screen, or just go to the Google app via your Google Apps folder, or through the App Drawer.

Step 2: Go to Settings

2015-12-06 11.50.39

This can be achieved by hitting the ‘three bars’ icon on the top left.

2015-12-06 11.50.47

And then hitting Settings on the folder that appears.

Step 3: Go to ‘Now Cards’ Settings

2015-12-06 11.50.51

Step 4: Disable ‘Show Cards’


2015-12-06 11.50.56

As you disable it, you will find that it will ask if you want to disable it for all your devices, or just this one. Choose whatever you prefer, but as long as you disable for this particular device, it should improve your battery life.

Once done, this should immensely improve your battery life.

For example, this is before I had disabled this (Google Voice Search was active as well, then).

2015-12-02 17.26.02

You can see how the OS and System are using more power than the Screen itself.

Having disabled it has immensely improved my battery life, though I can see that it may be missed by a lot of users.

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