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Are these the cases you are looking for?

Nexus 6P has now settled in nicely on the mobile market. For those who chose slightly more premium 6P version over 5X it is only right that those people would like to protect their phone in some sort of case. Not everyone however is keen of splashing out around £40 for a Folio case sold by Google (however great it might or might not be). For those who still want to maintain some level of protection and not break the already broken bank, Olixar and others have couple options.

I’ve managed to have a play with three cases from Olixar and a Verus case:

Olixar Premium Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Judging by the Olixar’s attempt at packaging, this product aims to be a premium case. It is also the case which I was most looking forward to, yet ended disappointing me most. It is made of a low quality leather, which, upon opening the box, does let you know about it with not the nicest smell in the world. The cradle is holding quite a bit of a grip on the phone, which I suppose is a good thing, but in order to get the phone out of it, you have to put some effort in. Padding around the case is quite thick. On one hand it can be to protect it from fall damage, on other… well, it looks a bit like a pillow. Then there is a cut out on the back for the fingerprint sensor. It’s a little bit too deep, so reaching it with your finger requires the right grip (can’t just reach it from the side, you need to actually point the finger directly from the bottom), but the real issue is that when you have the case opened and want to unlock the phone with your finger, you are pushing the cradle away from the sensor opening, which is extremely frustrating and results in bad sensor readings, or just pure awkwardness of use. As a final note – my case broke. The cradle unglued itself from the leather side, which revealed that they are connected with each other with a thin stripe of double sided tape! Not very secure now, is it? All in all I would avoid this case.

Olixar Flexishield Gel Case

This case I believe is the simplest case I’ve came across in my life. It’s basically a one slab of rubbery bendable plastic, which wraps your phone from the bottom and sides. It fits just about right, although holding the phone on the sides can cause the case to stick out from the sides of the phone. Otherwise, it’s a gel case. Nothing special was expected and it delivered.

Olixar ArmourDillo Hybrid

I believe ArmourDillo was designed to be a tank. Not like a proper Soviet or German tank, but a little French one. And it kind of is. It’s not made of the highest quality plastic, it is cheap and you can tell. But on the other hand it looks like it will do the job, and since you’re not paying £40 for it – I suppose that’s ok. Putting it on and off is not problematic, as opposed to leather flip case above. It doubles up as a stand for watching films, etc in horizontal mode. All in all, not a bad case.

Verus High Pro Shield

Out of all the cases I had a chance of testing, this one feels like the highest quality of them all. And it should, as it’s most expensive one from them all. Even packaging of the case feels quality. Case itself is rather simple. A plastic hardshell and a plastic band to hold it in place. Bands come in different colours so you can match it with anything else you have in your pockets, purse, etc. Case fits the phone nicely and feels like a well designed product. Recommended.

Cases have been kindly supplied by MobileFun.co.uk

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