How Crowdfunding Sparked the Renaissance of VR 

For hundreds of years, people have dreamed of virtual reality technologies. Countless sci-fi writers and filmmakers have imagined futures in which we talk to holograms, immerse ourselves in artificial worlds, and manipulate three-dimensional digital models. But until the 1980s, our technology simply hadn’t developed to a point where virtual reality was feasible. In the 80s, … Read more

[CLOSED] Giveaway: 1byOne Crystal Super Disco LED Digital Magic Ball Light & Bluetooth Speaker

What would make a Bluetooth Speaker even better? The ability to turn it into a disco light magic ball. 1ByOne are already on the case, and they have produced the Bluetooth Speaker Crystal Super Disco LED Digital Magic Ball Light. While the name is quite a mouthful, essentially this is the best device I can … Read more

Using Relay Boards to Control Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are mechanical devices that transform energy to create straight line motions. A relay, on the other hand, is a switch whose operations are electrical. This article teaches users how linear actuators are controlled by relay boards. The only difference in relay boards is the number of relays they carry since all relays’ action … Read more

High-Tech Trends Driven By Habits: Consumer Impact

Sometimes a new technology appears on the market that completely changes human behavior. One minute we don’t even know something exists and the next we can’t imagine our lives without it. Think about the advent of electricity, TV or the iPhone. These disruptive technologies actually created new consumer habits. However, some innovations are born in … Read more

Egyptian Adventure

Written by Rosalind Miles Due to internet issues, images have been taken from our Instagram feed.  View from the room. Good morning! #sunrise #dahab #egypt #sea #holiday #beach #pool #hotel #palmtrees #sky #nofilter A photo posted by Smacula (@smacula1) on Nov 7, 2015 at 1:51am PST My first taste of the Middle East has been … Read more

Review: Merrell All Out Terra Trail Running Shoes

The Merrell All Out Terra Trail running shoes are designed with two things in mind, running in cold (Autumn and Winter) weathers as well as running on rough terrain. They do these two jobs brilliantly, keeping your feet warm and cosy as well as providing you with great grip on all kinds of rough terrain, … Read more

Free Android Game – Neon 2 Racing Cars Saga

  Neon 2 Cars Racing Saga is a free racing game available on Android phones and tablets. It’s the latest from Universal Games, who were behind the very addictive and rather cute cartoon tapping game Penguin Run earlier this year. The new game is tablet-optimised, which makes sense, as it’s a double handed tapping game. … Read more