Driverless Cars – the future is here

Driverless cars are slowly becoming a reality. Things are changing fast in the world of technology, and guess the frustrating thing for most people may be the fact that most development and work done these days focuses on processing power and under the bonnet changes, rather than fancy features on the top.

However, all the advancements mean that it is now becoming more and more possible for cars to not only park themselves, but also drive themselves. In fact, your car may become your own chauffeur driven sitting room. Sound good? Watch the following video with Grant Imahara where he goes and explores the options and the features.


What is interesting is how the different technologies are coming together to give you the features that are now enabling cars:

  • Sensors
  • Processing power
  • Agility of hardware
  • and Most importantly, the software, which includes artificial intelligence as well as lots of quick and human like decision making.

And what if you drive within your limits, but somebody is being a ****? Well, that is where the artificial intelligence kicks in. In fact, you are not the only one worrying. Safety has been the forefront of all the technology that is going into turning our cars into self driving and autonomous vehicles.

A lot of companies are working on this, including the likes of Mercedes Benz and of course Tesla. The technology may not be around the corner, but frankly, as Grant says in the video above, it can’t come soon enough!

More information on this and much more exciting stuff can found on Mouser’s Innovation Hub, where they cover the latest trends in technology.

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