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There is nothing better than the look on a loved one’s face when you give them a Christmas present you know they love. But equally, there is nothing worse than traipsing round crowded shops desperately searching for a suitable gift for that awkward family member, before inevitably opting for hilarious festive socks or a slightly dodgy smelling toiletry set just because you can’t think of anything better.


If you believe the stats it is a common problem, with a reported £2.4billion worth of gifts either getting sent back, put straight onto eBay or passed onto charity shops each year. However, help is at hand for Christmas shoppers everywhere from a very clever new app called Wisher that is helping grown-ups rediscover the child-like excitement of writing a Christmas list, and making sure Santa actually gets it right this year.


Think of Wisher like the Pinterest of presents. All year round, whether you’re browsing online, wandering round the shops or flicking through a magazine, Wisher lets you tag, scan or snap something you love to add it to your own list. You can then connect with friends and family, so when it comes to present-buying time, you can not only see what to get them, but also where to get it – images are geo-tagged so Wisher will even give you a nudge when you’re strolling past the shop where your sister saw that unique piece of jewellery she loves.


But surely knowing what you’re going to get takes the magic out of presents? Well that is the clever bit about Wisher. Once a friend has bought one of your wishes, your other friends will no longer see it on your list, but you’ll be none the wiser. So plenty of surprises when it comes to Christmas, and no more pretending to be delighted when you receive your fourth identical Breaking Bad box set.

Wisher is free to download. It is available for iPhone, iPad and for Android devices. For more information go to

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