Review: The BT8500 (Advanced Call Blocker) – Twin

Landlines may sound like a myth from the past, but they are well and truly surviving, and while many of us may not have one at our homes, businesses still rely heavily on them, and specially if you happen to work in any of the remote areas of UK, you are probably going to struggle … Read more

Mobile Games – The Genres

Image taken from What are the most popular mobile games you play? What are the most popular mobile games your friends play? Or, if you don’t indulge in either, what do you think the most popular mobile games are? For me, I would class the likes of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Need for Speed, … Read more

Pebble announce the Pebble Time Round: The World’s Lightest and Thinnest Smartwatch

Smart watches there are plenty, but nobody caused a bigger splash in the smart watch world than Pebble, which broke all records and introduced the world to crowd funding and Kickstarter a few years ago. Their e-ink based watch ran for days, featured an always on screen, and worked with both Android and iOS. Then earlier … Read more

Comedy in Oxford, a tough gig?

This Saturday, I decided I was in need of a bit of comedy, so I decided to head to our local comedy haunt, The Glee Club on Hythe Bridge Street.  We were presented with 5 acts, all of whom were great, and one of the greatest joys of watching comedy there is that you have … Read more