Beach Reader: Relaxing with Your Favorite Summer Book

Relaxing and reading on the beach. Thailand
Relaxing and reading on the beach. Thailand

Summer is here and with it comes a host of summer reads to keep you immersed in novels, memoirs, and personal essays. For the avid reader, it’s no good sitting inside reading a book when the sun is warming the beach sand just miles away. For those on vacation, you’ll want to relax on the beach, and a book can help you do that as well. But the sun, so warm on your skin, can be a pain to your eyes. Squinting cause eye strain and soreness. Here are some gadgets that can make reading on the beach more relaxing.

1. Sunglasses

You’ll always want a good pair of sunglasses while at the beach. The sun can reflect off the water and the white sand and make you squint. A good pair of polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes. Polarized lenses offer protection against reflected sunlight. With polarized lenses, the reflected sunlight your eyes might otherwise catch from the sand or water is cut down to a level that is easier on the eyes. Photochromic lenses lighten and darken depending on how harsh the sunlight is. These can be great glasses for reading as it gives preferable light to your eyes no matter the weather. No matter the kind of shades you’re wearing, it’s also a good idea to bring along some replacement lenses with you. If you drop your glasses a lens could get scratched or even break. You want to be prepared if you’re going to make it through that summer reading list.

2. Readers

Reading on devices is more popular than ever before. But which are the best? the Kindle app makes it easy to read on your tablet, but tablets reflect glare easily, making it tough to read unless you’re in the shade. That’s why you’ll want an eReader. Devices like the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kobo series, and the Nook by Barnes and Noble, all have specialized technology to cut down on glare and make reading the screen more like reading the paper page. However, these devices do have some limitations. Electronic equipment doesn’t mix well with sand and water, and the chances of getting your eReader ruined by these elements might not be worth the risk. To prevent any issues and protect your eReader, invest in a waterproof case. With the biggest summer reads available at bargain prices, an eReader can make reading on the beach easy and fun, all without lugging a bag on your vacation.

3. Audio

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and shut your eyes against the harsh glare of the sun. While sunbathing in the heat of the day, it isn’t always easy to focus on a book, no matter how enthralling it is. Sometimes it’s more relaxing to plug in some headphones and enjoy an audiobook. There are a host of apps that can bring best sellers right to your ears at the touch of a button. Apps like Audible and Audiobooks, can give you the option to purchase audiobooks at a discounted price, while the Overdrive app lets you rent audiobooks from your local libraries online database. These options will ensure you get to every book on your summer reading list, no matter the medium you choose to experience it.

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