Responsible Gambling – is it possible?

It may sound like an oxymoron, but responsible gambling does exist. In fact, many online casinos and gambling companies actively encourage the concept. This may sound weird, but if the words gambling and betting do not get rid of the negative impression they have, it only harms their business. The whole idea of Responsible Gambling, … Read more

Review: Archos Weather Station

  The Archos Weather Station is another step into the Connected Home of the future. It measures the weather in your house, outdoors as well as checks the temperature and moisture levels in your soil. It presents all the gathered data to you in a nice format via a connected app, that you can access … Read more

How Lenda Is Removing the Red Tape Around Home Refinancing – Sponsored Post

It seems like everyday a new industry is being automated and streamlined by technology. Uber did it to transportation, Wealthfront did it to investing, Netflix took care of film, even private security is being disrupted! It would be reasonable to assume that industries that are notorious for high fees, red tape, and consuming time would … Read more

MODECOM announce the FreePC

The Raspberry Pi is all well and good as a really cheap PC, but it isn’t really designed for the Average Joe. In fact, unless you know your way around coding and Linux, it isn’t really the right product for you. Then there is the ChromeCast, another cheap alternative that you can plug into your … Read more