VoIP Buying Guide for Small Businesses

As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications mature and as high-speed internet connections become more affordable and common-place, comes the increase in the number of businesses ditching landline phones and moving into modern technology.

The more flexible, full-featured and significantly cheaper service that VoIP is are three good enough reasons alone for why small businesses should seriously consider moving across to VoIP, if they haven’t done so already.

So how does VoIP work?

Generally, it’s pretty simple.  Most of the top VoIP providers deal with all the heavy lifting offsite, delivering calls to your phones and such without much hassle.

In the majority of cases, no additional hardware is required on-site, aside from the handsets of course – again, freeing up more space in your office.  However, a self-hosted VoIP system would require a VoIP-friendly version of the PBX phone systems that many offices use.

What do I need to install VoIP?

Depending on the size of your business and the infrastructure you have in place, moving over to VoIP could cost you next-to-nothing.

Home broadband is capable of handling several VoIP calls at the same time, but the more users you have the more bandwidth you will require.  If you work alone, or only have a couple of employees, this is nothing to worry about.

For example, Network Telecom were able to install a VoIP phone system in my home office and I didn’t need to upgrade my broadband package, and I could still have Spotify running on my laptop and Netflix on my TV in the background.

You will also need a SIP-enabled phone to make VoIP calls.  These can be found relatively cheaply.

Further Information

If you require further information on VoIP services we recommend using Network Telecom, a Midlands-based company in England whom we successfully used when switching over from the traditional phone line to VoIP.

They can be reached on +44 (0) 800 097 6543 to discuss anything you need and help you get started.

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