Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge


So after the event, we got a chance to have a good play with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge.

There were a few questions from the masses already, and they were about TouchWiz. Yes, Samsung have created great phones over the years, but it has somehow managed to make the experience a bit duller and slower thanks to TouchWiz.

Well, the new TouchWiz, I am happy to say, seems to be a stripped down version of its former self, plus it is heavily based on Android Lollipop. Basic colours, simple ones, colour coding of apps, and very little bloatware means that the phone is extremely responsive.

This is extremely evident with the camera app. It is extremely responsive, and so far the results have been very impressive. I tried taking a few photos, and while I haven’t got anything to show, the focus feature does work well, and the photos look great, even in the dark room I took the photos.

This addresses another feature that has been seen in Samsung camera, over saturation of colours. So far it all looks good.

Now for some physical hands on with the phones.

2015-03-01 18.41.32

Looking at the edges, you wouldn’t be told off if you thought you were looking at an Apple iPhone, or a variant of. The curves and the speaker holes at the bottom did remind me of that design a little bit, though the bad lighting means it may have made the white look a bit Apple-isque space grey.

However, beyond that, the S6 feels good in your hand, and remarkably thin. This means that the camera does stick out a bit from the phone, but as many phones have proved so far, this doesn’t really present much of a problem normally. The phone buttons feel good, and the overall design is good and fits well in your hand.

2015-03-01 18.47.43

The S6 edge though, is the real hero here. It looks beautiful, and feels even better. The curves just work well with the whole device, and just feel softer and better in the device. You can turn the device upside down to still see notifications glowing from underneath the device, and Samsung hope to use this feature a lot in the future. Personally, I think it may be more bells and whistles, but we have to see how users, as well as app makers adapt this feature to greater use. Of course, if you have a case on, the ability to see some notifications or glowing will definitely help, but nothing wrong with an LED either, which has worked well for Samsung in the past.

There was on display, a fancy case from Samsung as well as the wireless charger.



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