Vax changes your cleaning habits with their new 2015 range



Lets be honest. Nobody likes to vacuum. They often involve ugly loud machines with very annoying cables. The cordless ones don’t have much suction, and have appalling battery lives. Last year we looked at the Vax Air Cordless, which tried to beat the trend. This year, Vax is back, with a whole new range, and they’re looking to make vacuum cleaners a lot easier, and more convenient for the user.

The new range includes the Air Cordless Lift, the Air Cordless Switch and Floormate Cordless, providing a mobile solution for every cleaning challenge. They all use transferable Lithium Life batteries, much like the original Air Cordless. To add to the range is the Air Revolve, a multi orientation corded vacuum cleaner that can clean in one clean motion in any direction.

Air Cordless Lift




The best of the range, this features a 50 minutes runtime, with a new lift-out design to provide the ideal solution to vacuum on stairs. It goes from a standing vacuum to a portable cylinder at the push of a button.

Air Cordless Switch


Lightweight and cordless, this allows versatility and adaptibility, transforming quickly into a handheld cleaner. Ideal for those few crumbs, or to clean your car. It also features steerable technology to swivel and turn around objects.

Floormate Cordless


Have hard floors and find vacuums disappointing? Look no further. The Floormat Cordless washes, scrubs and dries sealed hard flooring.

Air Revolve


The best looking of the range is actually a corded design. The Air Revolve features incredible power and design, giving you a clean in one continuous motion in any direction. It rolls and flips to easily change directions as you go, and it features Vax’s patented Stairstability, making it great for stairs.

James Holdgate, Head of New Product Development commented:

“We’ve listened to what our customers like and dislike about cleaning and created a new range for 2015 to meet these needs. They told us that one of the big frustrations with using cylinder vacuums is cleaning stairs. Air Revolve elegantly solves this problem, as its revolutionary design delivers flexible cleaning in all directions, including stairs.

“Our customers also told us that cord free cleaning offers freedom and convenience, and we believe that in five years time the majority of products will be cord free. Our new Cordless range is pioneering this change, using transferable LithiumLifeTM batteries that mean you don’t have to compromise on performance.This new range is just the beginining of a year of innovation for Vax, so watch this space!”

The range is available from major retailers and direct from, and starts at £179.99.

We hope to have some reviews ready for you guys soon, so like Vax, watch this space too!

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  1. Our company using the Floor mat Cordless. Itself the hoover Floor mat Cordless could wash, scrub floors and dries any hard flooring in properties. Highly recommended by our cleaning teams.


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