Featured Kickstarter and Review: GEKKO Magnetic Trivets


It is not often that you come across an idea so simple, you wonder why it isn’t the normal way to do things. The Kickstarter we are featuring today is one such product, and I am highly grateful to the team for actually sending me some prototypes to test before their actual product launch.

So, what are they? Quite simply, these are magnetic trivets, which attach to almost any metallic pan that you may own. The idea is simple. You have hot pots and pans and trays that will damage different surfaces, so you need trivets. But trivets have issues of their own. They can slip, or slide from under the hot surface, or cause balancing issues. What is supposed to be a useful device can be quite a nuisance. Not with these. You just let these stick to the bottom of the hot pot/pan/tray you have, and off you go. Watch the video below for more:

So, the prototypes arrived as promised, and they came with a couple of notes. First that the finished product would be a lot smoother than we were getting, which is perfectly fine.

Secondly, a day or so later, I got an email from Jesper Legaard, the designer, that they are changing the design from a three finger shape to a four finger shape, for added stability.

Optimized inner shape


So, what are my impressions. Well, as I said above, it is an idea so simple and so useful, I am surprised that it isn’t the norm. For that reason alone, these are worth a buy. The prototypes we are playing with are already stable for the pots and pans we have tried, and a bit of nudging and rocking doesn’t affect the balance. Of course, four fingers will improve the design.

I did notice that they don’t work with everything I own, even if it looks metallic. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from using these. A trivet is a trivet after all.


The trivets also shine on the look and feel department. My samples were supposed to be with a rougher edge than what you will get, but they look and feel good. The material itself is pretty solid and tough, but flexible enough to not cause any discomfort. It is also light, and on touch feels a bit like carpet. The look itself, of course, fits well in the modern household.

So, do I like it? Yes I do. Would I buy it? Yes. Can this be the only trivet to have in a house? Yes.


So, how much will this cost me? Since the campaign is based in Denmark, the prices are in Danish Kroner. However, the equivalent price in GBP comes to about £15, while in USD it is about $25. A set of two is available for £25 GBP. Not bad at all, considering the price you pay for these things.

So, how do you get one? Head over to the Kickstarter campaign below! There are not many days left, and this project definitely needs your support to get going. Click the following link or widget:



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