Famous Movie Apartments – How to style your home just like them…….

If there is one thing Patrick Bateman taught us, is that it doesn’t matter if you are a total psychopath, if you have a nicely styled apartment, you’ll still be pretty popular.

So we thought we’d take a look into his apartment a bit more closely to see just what pieces of furniture Mr Bateman opted for. And then we thought, why stop there? What other famous movie scene homes could we delve into more deeper? Have a read through our top picks and maybe gain up a few tips on what you’ll need to create the ultimate bachelor pad/strange film homage home……..

American Psycho


Full of light and minimalistic, the simplistic style of Patrick Bateman’s apartment is perfect for a sleek and manageable bachelor pad. The colour palette of black and white is timeless, and choosing glass shelves, doors and tables will add to the luminosity and transparency of your room. These probably weren’t the best design choices for a serial killer, but the symmetrical Barcelona Chairs will make your room appear bigger and brighter. Patrick went to great lengths to protect his sleek furniture as he ‘axed’ Paul Allen. We recommend choosing and caring for similar pieces with the same precision.



As Josh Baskin’s date walked into his apartment, she wasn’t expecting to be met by a trampoline, pinball machine and dinosaur. However, we could all learn from Josh when designing our homes. Having a games room or a space where we can enjoy ourselves is vital to our personal well-being. You can take inspiration from Big, but you may decide to swap the trampoline for a chaise longue or the pinball machine for a games console. Relaxing will guarantee improved productivity and happiness, as long as you don’t end up missing work to stay in your play room.



Although the space is vast, Sam and Molly’s living area is kept intimate thanks to furnishings that draw the eye to the centre. The pillars and stone angel add a romantic ambience while the mismatched chairs bring an inviting atmosphere and sense of homeliness. Artwork, sculptures and plants always add creativity and life to a room, and guests are sure to be saying, “Ditto” as they discuss their love of this living space. Using a neutral colour palette and a pop colour, blue in this case, brings all of the different features together for a room that mirrors the close relationship of the couple.

American Gigolo


The muted colour palette of beiges and greys that flows through Julian’s apartment is polished and refined. Each piece of furniture adds style to its surroundings, and the grey Le Corbusier LC3 Chair shown here is a significant design feature. A floor to ceiling shelving unit can be made into a focus point. Where Julian holds his record collection and books, you may prefer to add plants or pottery. The nonchalant way he has some items resting against the shelves give the room a relaxed feel, one that looks lived in but still has a hint of mystery and allure.

Notting Hill


The bachelor pad of a bookshop owner and wannabe artist is bound to be full of creativity, right? In the case of Will and Spike’s Notting Hill flat, it is more of a disaster than a masterpiece. An attempt at decoration sees candles, flowers and artwork on the walls, however, there is nothing bringing the design together. The chunky wooden dining table could be made into a great feature by using earthy tones and making the most of the brightness of the room. The kitchen’s raw brick interior is also a fantastic feature. Smaller flats have a lot of potential, so tenants must work harder than Will and Spike to find it.



Demure hues, carefully selected furnishings and an abundance of light come together in Frasier Crane’s sophisticated living space. Beiges and browns reflect the light well as features such as the piano and fireplace add an air of class. By combining artwork and sculpture with carefully designed tables, a majestic column and shelves of pottery, this room looks both elegant and creative. The open plan style means more space and plenty of different views of the stunning Seattle skyline whilst relaxing on his Charles Eames Lounge Chair. For a room that juxtaposes history and culture with contemporary design, Frasier’s living room is perfect inspiration.

Austin Powers


With every colour of the rainbow and a heart-shaped bed, Austin Powers bedroom is more than groovy, baby! Pop art prints and lava lamps are a throwback to the ’70s and will add an element of fun to the bedroom. Austin’s idea of making the bed his main feature is a fantastic one as it gives a central focus to the room, but you may want to swap all of the gold silk bedding for something a little more reserved. Channel the international man of mystery by using a bright palette and taking your décor from modern to retro for an energetic and unique bedroom design.

Big Bang Theory

big bang

Filled to the brim with books, Leonard and Sheldon’s pad is everything you would expect from the two brain boxes. Wall to wall shelving can be a great idea for those looking to keep their library contained, and a study desk that looks outside will give you a break from burying your head in books. The men don’t have much of a clue when it comes to design, choosing odd furniture and clashing designs. Done the right way, a combination of patterns and materials can look eclectic and cool rather than disorganised, so take care in your design choices. Head towards chic rather than geek.

With many thanks to the patient guys at Trueinterior.com for contributing to my research. You can find many of the items listed in this article, including the Barcelona Chair, Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Le Corbusier LC3 Chair here.

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