Review: Proporta Dual USB Charger


Cigarette lighters stopped functioning as those ages ago. For quite some time now, the cigarette lighter port in your car, which is really a 12V supply with an interesting connector has been acting as a power source for your devices such as sat navs, or charging of mobiles. While the port comes with a lot of current, most devices that let you charge don’t, which isn’t great.

Even when they do, you’re often restricted to just one USB output.

Proporta have the solution in the form of their dual USB port car charger.

It is a small device, meaning it can almost fit in flush with your port, giving you the feel that you have embedded USB ports in your device. It outputs 2 x 1.1A outputs, which is enough to charge most phones, as well as satnavs. Not quite enough for your iPad, mind.


It works rather well, and being small, it is not at all intrusive. It retails for only £5.95, and can be found on Proporta’s website at the following link:

If I had to find something wrong with it, it would be the colour. I would rather have this in black so it goes with the rest of my car’s interior!

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