MorphCostumes just upgraded your Christmas Jumper!


Christmas Jumpers eh! Where would we be without them?

Christmas seems to be the time to wear a cosy Christmassy jumper, and the only way to do it well is to outshine each other when it comes having the so called ugliest sweater!

Last year we tried MorphSuits Holloween T Shirts, and this year they are back with animated Christmas Jumpers!

So, how does it work? Watch the following video to find out more:

Having tried it on, and worn it around the office (and outdoors), I have to say, it definitely is one step up from ¬†your blinking bauble! Let this be a conversation starter, an ‘ooh what’s that’ starter, or ‘oh he is up to his gadgets again’ starter!.

How does it fare as a product?

Comfort, which is perhaps the most important feature, is good. You can keep this on all day, and not worry about it. One of the things I noticed about the t-shirts was that you could definitely feel your phone in there. With the jumper, it is perhaps the woolly cushions, but it doesn’t really jump out at you. Hey, it even gives you a handy pocket to leave your phone in. Of course, there are different sizes available for different people to try them out.

As far as the app goes, it is fairly simple. You download it (Digital Dudz) from your iOS App Market or Google Play Store, install it, and run it. On the app itself, choose your particular animation, download it, and hit play.

That is all there is to it. Obviously, with various sizes of phones available, they have included the option to adjust the size of the image and let you rotate it if you want to.

The only problem, I guess, is the fact that it will eat up your battery life. For that, there are battery packs!

More information

For more information, as well as buying options, click the following link:

They start at around the 30 quid mark, and can be bought directly from the website.


As far as novelty items go, this is right up there. From being an interesting conversation starter, to actually being a nice and cosy Christmas jumper, it ticks all the boxes!

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