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A Complete Holiday Gift Guide for Men


The man in your life is a real man’s man, and this can make it difficult for you to know what to get him for Christmas. But, lucky for you, we’ve made it a whole lot easier. Here are some suggestions for the different types of manly men in your life:

For the Sports Fanatic

Big Screen TV: If your man spends most of his free time watching sports, give him the ultimate gift— a big screen TV. This way he won’t miss a single play. When deciding on what size to get, take the diagonal measurement of the TV and multiply it by 1.5 and that is how far away you should sit. So, for example, if you want to sit 6 feet away, you should buy a 48 inch TV.

Sports Package: There’s no point in giving your man a giant TV if he can’t watch all the games. This means he needs a sports package compatible with your cable. Most providers have an extended sports package that would be a perfect Christmas present.

Season Tickets: If you really want to go all out, give your man season tickets to his favorite team. Just make sure to get good seats!

For the Outdoorsman

Camping Gear: There are so many items that your guy can use when camping from a tent to a sleeping bag to a lantern. Consider giving him a multi-tool that has a screwdriver, knife, wrench, bottle opener, scissors and a small flashlight. This way he can fix anything while out in the wilderness.

Warm Clothing: When your man is outside all day long, he needs to look the part. Present him with warm clothing and casual shirts for those cold nights outdoors. Camo and flannel patterns are always good options

Hunting and Fishing Equipment: If your guy doesn’t just hang out in the wilderness but loves to hunt and fish, give him equipment to make his hobby even better. Consider a new fishing pole, traps, scents, safety gear or even a new gun and ammo.

For the Handyman

Toolbox: For the handyman in your life, there is nothing more important than a toolbox. Depending on what he already has, give him either a large toolbox to keep in the garage or a smaller one that can be carried around the house or out on the job.

Tool Belt: Of course your man won’t always want to carry around a heavy toolbox, and that’s where the tool belt comes in. Make sure it is constructed of a nice leather and has enough room for a hammer, nails, screwdrivers, tape measure and level. Or, if your guy has a specialty, make sure his tool belt will help him and not get in his way.

Tools: What would a handyman be without his tools? Help him fill out his toolbox with a wide variety of tools. Once he has all the basics, add in some fun toys like a laser measuring tape, miter saw, oscillating tool or any power tools.

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