Tech to Keep You Safe on the Road


As of 2011 there were more than 250 million registered motor vehicles cruising the streets and highways. With a number as high as this, it’s easy to see why driver safety is so crucial. By taking advantage of the many forms of technology we have today, you can maintain, ensure safety and be prepared for the worst all at the swipe of your finger or the click of your mouse. Here are a few ways to use technology to help:


This handy little app is perfect for drivers who might be a bit forgetful when it comes to keeping your car maintained and in good working order. aCar provides maintenance reminders for everything from oil changes to inspections. It also keeps track of a staggering amount of data so you can check statistics on things like fuel mileage and expenses. It even lets you keep track of multiple cars at the same time.

With the app, you can keep your eyes and attention where it belongs: on the road. It automatically converts all incoming messages into voice playback so that you remain focused on the road. It offers customizable voice and playback options and even has programmable auto-response messages if you don’t want to deal with responding at all.

In many states you can go years between updates or renewals for your license. In Arizona for example, you get your license at 16 and aren’t required to review laws or take another test until you are 65. Laws change and we forget things over time. Review by taking a practice test on Make sure you are following the local traffic safety laws to avoid tickets and accidents. This site will help keep both you and your passengers as safe as possible as you travel.


Keeping up to date on the weather wherever you live can make a huge impact on driving, especially in places like the deserts of the Southwest where dust storms can spring up from nowhere. Apps like The Weather Channel for iPhone and Sever Weather Alert for Android can help you plan ahead as well as alert you whenever severe weather is headed your way.


Knowing how to get where you are going and arriving when you want to get there are two important keys to maintaining sanity while driving. Waze provides community-based updates so you will know exactly how to get to your destination and avoid any construction or hazards along the way. It will also show you where the cheapest gas stations are to help you save money on the way!


In the unfortunate situation of an accident, the iWrecked app is a must have. It will help you call 911 with the touch of a button, find nearby tow trucks and repair facilities, document and record all aspects of the accident with unlimited photographs and note taking, contact your insurance company and send accident reports.

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