Review: Heat Holders Thermal Socks

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It is that time of the year again, where your television is full of cheesy Christmas ads, and you just can’t seem to get your feet (and hands) to be warm enough. We often end up wearing socks in our houses, but it only gets worse when one goes out, or goes on one of those beautiful country side walks.

Enter the ‘Heat Holders’ thermal socks. They offer up to 7 times more warmth than regular thermal socks, and about 20 times more than regular socks.

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So, when I was offered the chance to review these, I thought, why not. It probably is the best time of the year to try these, and today, being a particularly chilly and rainy day, has only made it a more apt one to try them out.

I have worn them a few times, but today has been the day where they have stayed on my feet all day long.

So, first of all, how do they feel?

Extremely soft. In fact, I love them more for how they feel in terms of softness rather than the warmth. Made of what they call a soft brushed inner, it promises an ‘intense brushing process’ as you slide them on. All I know is that it slips on and off as gently as possible, and when on, you get an extremely cushioned feel. It is almost like wearing woolly slippers.

However, that extra cushy feel does come with some extra volume. While not easy to notice at home, it was immediately noticeable when I put my regular shoes on which are generally just right. With these socks, the shoes felt extra tight, and had to be adjusted a bit. Something to keep in mind if you want to put these on for long walks. On the upside though, the walk I took today felt extra comfortable, and very warm.

What about the warmth?

They are true to their word on that front too. It features what they call a long looped thermal pile, which gives you both cushioning as well as holds the heat in.

They also feature an advanced insulating yarn which not only helps with the heat, but also comes with superior moisture wicking abilities. Result? No sweat, or at least minimal sweat!

With all this, the Heat Holders bring you 2.34 of a TOG rating, which you may have heard or come across if you ever go buying duvets (or have heard THAT Rhod Gilbert routine). TOG means Thermal Overall Grade, and is an oft used rating.

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More information

More information on these can be found at the following link:!original/c24q9

They can be found at various retailers around the country.


There are thermal socks and then there are thermal socks. The Heat Holders definitely come in the latter category, giving you more warmth as well as superior comfort.


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