Review: Goodmans Pebble Dab+ Radio


What is it?

The Pebble, not to be confused with the watch, is one of the cutest radios on the block! Currently available in Slate (below), and coming soon in an array of colours from Goodmans, this device brings you a crisp and clear sound in a very compact size. An amazing price of £24.99 means it won’t lose on value either.


Look and feel

You can’t deny it, it is very cute! Featuring a simple UI, which allows you to adjust volume or scroll though channels, adjust FM/DAB or SCAN or choose presets. An antenna at the back extends to give you better range, while the top features the buttons and a small screen. It features a single speaker. The back also allows you to plug in the DC adaptor (included) or open the battery case.

Unlike some other manufacturers, it takes in the standard batteries, i.e. 4 x AA. While they do not come included, it does open up this radio to portability, even give you a chance to take this directly to the car.

Being small does mean that it makes it perfect for almost anywhere in the house, be it your living room, your garage or your kitchen or bedroom.

Ease of use

As simple as it gets, and follows the simple format we see in most DAB radios. You turn it on, you scan, you listen.

The dials are fairly intuitive to use, and you twist the volume knob totally anti clockwise to turn off. The select dial can be used to browse through various available stations and pressed to select it.

Top buttons allow you to choose between DAB and FM, SCAN, or choose your presets. To program a preset, just press the button you want for a long period of time to make it work.

Sound Quality

While you won’t be blown away by this tiny little device, it does feature a nice and crisp sound. Sound is clear, bass is there and you can hear the treble too.

The only thing that this misses is a headphone/line out jack to give you a chance to improve the sound.

More information

More information on the Pebble can be found at the following link:

It can be bought directly from them:

It retails for only £19.99.


This little radio not only looks great, but offers you a great experience at an unbelievable sound!

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