Instagrammar Dave Burt (@london) teams with ASUS to give you some photography tips


Dave Burt’s @london Instagram account is one of my favourites, and it captures the beauty of London and Londoners in vivid detail. Asus has teamed up with him and University of Arts London (UAL) to challenge photography students to create the best possible photos using a smartphone.

Details of the competition, as well as Dave’s top tips can be found below:

Top tips to master mobile photography


·         Inviting smartphone users to unlock the creative potential of their smartphone’s camera, ASUS and Instagram’s @London provide advice on creating standout images

·         ASUS partners with London College of Communications to launch mobile photography competition with first-year BA (Hons) photography students 

ASUS, a leading vendor in high-quality smartphones and tablets, has partnered with the University of Arts London (UAL) and Instagrammer Dave Burt (@London) to challenge photography students to capture stunning photography using a smartphone.

Over 80 students studying BA (Hons) Photography at the London College of Communications are set to take place in a competition that could see their work purchased by ASUS for use in the company’s global marketing for the Zenfone.

Dave will be one of three judges for the competition, alongside representatives from ASUS and UAL. Dave’s mobile photography Instagram @London is one of the fastest growing on the site, with nearly 600,000 followers attracted to his unique collection of London-centric photography in 18 months.

Based on his experiences, Dave offers his top tips on how to create stunning mobile images:

·         Make the most of your smartphone camera: learn its features, strengths and modes, and this knowledge will make your shots stand out. Like Chase Jarvis, one of the pioneers of social sharing of images with his 2009 Best Camera app, said “the best camera is the one with you”

·         Rethink perspective in order to capture a unique image: get your phone into a different position and start shooting! It could be lying in the gutter or getting into an elevated position, just try shooting from a different angle. With so many people taking pictures of the same things, go the extra mile to think of a new way to capture it

·         Never underestimate lighting and how it can transform a picture: dusk is often referred to as a golden “magic hour”, and this is because lighting changes dramatically throughout the day. Taking a shot at particular times can set a photo apart from being simply average

·         Keep edits simple by mastering native editing tools in your smartphone: Less is more. Focus on bringing out the beauty of the photo by looking at contrast, exposure, low and high light levels, balance and colour correction

“You never know when the perfect picture opportunity will pop up, but even the most dedicated of photographers can’t have their camera with them every second of the day” comments Dave Burt, owner of @London.

“What you do always have with you is your phone, and this has led to mobile photography becoming an all new branch of the profession. This is a great opportunity for the UAL students to get to grips with what makes a great photograph, and how to set up a shot at a moment’s notice. It’s essential to have a good quality camera for mobile photography, and the ASUS ZenFone 5 has two quality built in cameras and all the tools you need to take incredible photos on the go”.

Competition details

Each student has been given an ASUS ZenFone 5 LTE to keep, and have one week to take the best photos they can across four categories using the ZenFone’s different camera modes, Low Light, Panorama, Selfie, and Time Rewind. A fifth category will also be open to all students, where they will take and submit a photo that epitomises London.

 The selected reader voted competition shortlist goes live on 27th October, and the winner will be announced on 12th November. For more information on the competition, including terms and conditions, please visit the UAL competition page at

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