Do casinos keep my personal info safe?



Read about the security mechanisms that land-based or online casinos use to ensure that player’s personal information remains safe and secure.

Safety and security, when it comes to personal information, is as important in the modern day as it has ever been due to the fact that we are making electronic transactions on a daily basis. Whether it be online or in a land-based business, people are more careful than ever when it comes to their credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and even their name and telephone number. Compromising this information can destroy a company, and make people flock to the competition. That’s why casinos, both land-based and online, take extra precautions to ensure that players’ information is at the highest level of safety and security possible.

The way land-based casinos keep your information secure is the same way stores in general keep your information secure. They use Safeguard systems and ensure their customers they will not distribute their customer lists to soliciting third parties. They only ask for information that they need, like a credit card number and an ID for a purchase. Highly secure networks transmit the identity and the account holder’s information directly from their network to the applicable banking network. One key point to consider is the fact that land-based casinos make more money when you use your credit card or an ATM, as they do not charge deposit fees when you bring cash. If players thought that their information could be compromised on top of the high fees, the casino would be at a large risk of losing that extra money flow.

The promising part about the security of your personal information and identity in an online casino is the fact that they understand they are not as reputable as their land-based counterparts. A compromise of transactions at a land-based casino might lead to some controversy and a temporary loss in income, but with an online casino, that would destroy their reputation and ultimately lead to their demise. That’s why the most stable and accredited online casino businesses are those who invest the most in offering the safest and securest networks, not just the best gaming options and promotions

The way online casinos ensure security is using encrypted systems with highly restricted access, and closely monitoring all information within that system. These 128 bit data encryptions ensure that no hackers or probers can get ahold of any account information, and the keys to unlocking scrambled data belong only to the specific casino. Firewalls are also used, as well as third party security companies. Online casinos, as well as pretty much every reputable online company that handles financial transactions, displays the emblem for these third party security companies (here an example of well displayed marks in a casino homepage), letting players know how seriously they take their security, and what companies make sure this is accomplished .

Before you register with an online casino, make sure you look at their privacy policy. This details things like who they give your information to, such as processing companies, security companies, and financial organizations, as well as their use of cookies and record keeping. It is also important to note what software companies power the casinos (go for the major ones, like Microgaming and RTG), where the casinos are located in terms of regulations and licensing, and other information that might be important to the player’s interest. Research is key, and if multiple sites give it the safety and security green light, it’s more than likely a safe bet.

When it comes to playing online, you want to lose (or win!) your money because you risked it, not because you trusted the wrong betting outlet. If you do, for whatever reason, experience a compromising of personal information, make sure you report it immediately, as it can prevent other players from experiencing the same misfortune and get the problem solve promptly.



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