Virgin Media’s Big Kahuna explained


The Big Kahuna deal from Virgin Media offers incredible value for customers looking for a package that includes TV, broadband and calls. The deals are wonderfully flexible and include a number of different options that can be customised in order to fit the exact needs of the consumer.


Virgin Media’s Big Kahuna deal includes 152mb broadband, over 230 TV channels, including HD stations, and unlimited phone calls at the weekend. It is also possible to upgrade some of these features on request. For example, the call package can be changed to include evenings as well as weekends.


There is also an option to add other services such as a SIM Card for mobile phones and Sky TV channels including sports and movies. These packages are known as Big Bundles and can be custom designed to include everything that a customer desires. TiVo boxes are available for bigger storage capacity as well as an additional box which means the entire range of TV channels can be viewed in more than one room. This is great for households that want to watch two different channels at the same time.


Whichever options are chosen, the customer will receive a discount on their subscription for the first six months. When the package is ordered, staff will explain the total cost to ensure the customer fully understands how much they will be paying during the discounted period and when the normal prices will be charged. The costs of upgrading any features or the addition of more services will also be explained. This ensures customers know how much their bills are going to be and safeguards them against any hidden charges.


There are a number of reasons why Virgin Media is a fantastic choice for customers. They offer one of the fastest broadband services in the UK and do not require customers to have a phone line in order to make use of their services. In addition, any servicing or repairing of equipment will be carried out free of charge. Insurance is also included in all tariffs which makes Virgin even better value. Those choosing to use Virgin as a mobile provider are also treated to a wide selection of the latest handsets.


Virgin Media make it easy for customers to switch from their existing providers and will compare all bundles in order to find the best deal. The set up is as hassle free as possible and carried out by expert installers with minimum disruption to the customer. They will also ensure that customers do not lose their broadband connection during the installation process which means they can carry on using any devices that connect to the internet during this time.

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