Review: Mugen Samsung Galaxy S4 Extended Battery (5500mAh)

S4 Battery


What is it?

The Mugen Extended Battery is an extended battery for the Galaxy S4. It offers 5500mAh as opposed to the built in 2600 mAh battery that comes with the S4. It also comes with a special back for your phone which can accommodate this bigger battery.

Look and Feel

One may argue that the look and feel of something that comes built in should not matter, but since this adds 9mm of width to your phone, as well as gives you a different back for your phone, it does matter.

So, what does it feel like? The back is not as premium as the one that comes with your phone, and feels a bit plasticcy, but it is a lot better than your average case, and you may get away without it being noticeable.

What is more noticeable, is of course, the added width to the case. While 9mm may not be a lot to talk about, when it more than doubles the thickness of a device, it definitely matters.

It is definitely something you feel, and it is noticeable in your pocket. However, if you compare it to the older phones, even the ones that come with built in slide out keyboards, it isn’t too bad. Guess we are getting fussier as time goes on, but as I say, it is noticeable.

The battery

So, with the extra ‘cost’ of the thickness, how does it actually affect your battery life?


As is shown by the graph, the battery has more than double the capacity of the original battery that comes with the phone. This means that the phone that generally lasts me just about a day can now do two days comfortably. This also means that a day trip to somewhere like London is a bit more comfortable to me, as I don’t have to carry a charger with me for my way back.


This particular one only works with the S4, though the company does produce other ones too.

Buying information

This can be bought from Mobile Fun under the Galaxy S4 Batteries section, at the following link:

It retails for £60.

Mobile Fun also sell batteries for other phones as well, and a range of S3 Batteries is also available.


So, a mixed bag here. The battery is definitely worth what it offers, but somehow it is actually the added thickness rather than cost that makes me wonder. If you are somebody who carries your phone in something like a jeans pocket, this could be a worry, but regular trousers, or even a purse, this would do just fine. You make the call!

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